21 Ways to Keep from Going Crazy when Cabin Fever Sets in ...

Winter is the most endless season. It sets in deep and lasts forever. Seriously, New England sometimes has winter from October to April. That's a long time to be freezing. It's also a long time to be bored. The threat of cabin fever is real, as is the struggle to entertain yourself and stay sane once the temperature drops. To make sure you don't reenact The Shining in your own home, try to keep the crazy at bay with some entertaining activities.

1. Get outside when You Can

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Make all the jokes you want about getting the D in winter, but it's important. In fact, vitamin D is even more essential in winter, so get out when you can. Get the mail, romp with the dogs, or try any one of the specific outdoorsy activities shared here. If it's simply impossible to get outside a lot, don't be afraid to supplement with a vitamin or D-heavy drinks and foods.

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