4 Amazing Ways to Give Awesome Advice and Have Them Listen ...


4 Amazing Ways to Give Awesome Advice and Have Them Listen ...
4 Amazing Ways to Give Awesome Advice and Have Them Listen ...

I love to give advice, especially to my parents regarding their health issues. But the most annoying part is that they never listen to my advice. So, I did some research on how to improve my way of giving advice so that they will listen to me. I will not guarantee that these few ways will work for everyone, but there is no harm in trying them.

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We can invite our friends for a tea or dinner/lunch or talk with our parents alone at home or inside their room/any private space. This is so that we can speak to them alone without any distraction. This will make them think that we do care about them and we are serious in giving them advice or giving our opinions to their problems.



Whatever the situation is, never ever raise your voice. No one will like it if someone raises their voice when they are in a middle of a crisis, right? Talk to them slowly and in a normal tone.



For example, if your parents have, diabetes but they refuse to take medication, the best way to force them to take their medication is to make them realize the complications of diabetes and how it will affect their life. Tell them that if they don’t want to take the medication, they might end up without a leg in the future. Another example might be if your friends refuse to stop smoking. Tell them that they will end up getting lung cancer and eventually die at a really young age. Who will take care of their parents if they already gone? Or their children if the have them. They will never get to enjoy life like the rest of their friends.



Make them feel GUILTY. Tell them that if they ignore your advice, it will not only affect their life, but affects your life as well. For example, if your parents refuse to take medication for their health issues, tell them you are worried about their health and you never stop thinking about it even when you are working. Tell them that it is difficult to focus on your work when you keep thinking about them. You can’t even take care of your own health because you are too worried about them. This might sound a bit harsh, but let them feel guilty. They will think that if they take care of their health, you will be more focused at work and on your own wellbeing, giving them a peaceful mind.

While these advice tips won't work in every situation, you may find yourself being the voice of reason when you apply these. :)

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