Want to Feel a Little Less Awkward at Parties?


The impending party season can sometimes instill a sense of fear in some people and these ways to feel less awkward at parties are sure to help if you're one of those people. Parties should be fun but anxiety and a fear of social situations can often mean that they're an event which people dread rather than look forward to. Here are some ways to feel less awkward at parties.

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Take a Friend

One of the first ways to feel less awkward at parties is to take a friend with you. Having someone to support you will make you feel a little more relaxed so see if a friend can accompany you. However, don't spend all of your time with them because you may start neglecting your mingling duties. Your friend is there to support you and can also help when meeting people. For example, beginning a conversation by talking about what your friend does for a living can make you feel a little less awkward.


Imagine Your Favorite Celeb

It can be helpful to channel your favorite celebrity who is a little more gregarious than you and imagine what they would be like at parties. Of course, you don't need to pretend to be another person and people should accept you for who you are but we're all 'acting' to a certain extent. Imagining how your favorite, and a little more outrageous, celebrity might act at a party could help you to relax.


Be More Columbo

Don't you just love Columbo? Yes, I know he's a fictional character from a detective series but I love the way he asks questions and we could all learn a little from his inquisitive ways. People love to talk about themselves so be curious when you meet others and you'll soon feel the pre-party nerves dissipating.


Don't Try Too Hard

Sometimes the nerves can take hold and we find that we're just trying a little too hard. If someone isn't interested in talking then just move on and don't worry about them. Don't over-think the situation. Take each moment as it comes. Remember, there is always the food table you can hover around when you need to!


Wear Something Comfortable

Wearing something comfortable is key, especially if you know you have a tendency to feel a little awkward and fidget. The last thing you want is to be constantly pulling your dress down or up and adjusting yourself. This will just make you feel more awkward so wear something which allows you to feel at ease.


Have a Helping Hand

When I say a helping hand, I'm not necessarily talking about alcohol. There are herbal remedies that you can use to help relax you before you head out to the party. Rescue Remedy is great to spray on the tongue in moments of need. Also, you could place a few drops of lavender essential oil on a handkerchief and inhale it to help soothe those nerves. It will soon relax you.



Another party essential, which you must not leave the house without, is your smile. Be open and watch your body language. Try not to fold your arms and try to maintain eye contact when you're speaking to others. Once you start talking to people you will start to feel a lot less self conscious.

These are just a few ways to feel less awkward at parties. Do you have any other hints and tips?

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I use Rescue remedy for any time that I may feel nervous. Meeting new people,dentist and hospital appointments. Not sure how but it really does calm you down and is relaxing.

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