7 Ways to Be Safe Rather than Sorry ...


7 Ways to Be Safe Rather than Sorry ...
7 Ways to Be Safe Rather than Sorry ...

Whether you’re writing a research paper for class or going out for the night, there are ways to be safe rather than sorry. You don’t want to risk getting hurt or losing all of the hard work that you put into something. You should take precautions, whether you think you need to or not. Follow these ways to be safe rather than sorry; you won’t regret it.

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Flash Drive Desire

Always backup your files! Do it with documents, photos, and music. If your computer unexpectedly crashes, you’ll have enough stress as it is. You don’t want the added distress of knowing that all of your files have disappeared forever. You might be able to pay someone to recover the stuff for you, but it can be costly. One of the ways to be safe rather than sorry is to always have a flash drive handy and save anything of importance onto it


Dangerous Drinks

It’s obvious that you should never accept drinks from a stranger, but also make sure you never leave your drink unattended. At a busy place like a bar, you never know who is going near your beverage. All it takes is a few seconds for someone to slip something into your drink. You don’t want to take the chance of getting drugged. It’s safest to always keep your eyes open.


Purse Pickpockets

If you’re walking through a crowded place, like a city or a school, you should be careful with your property. If you leave your pocketbook open, someone could slip their hand inside and fish out your phone or wallet. Keep your pocketbook close to your side so that it’s impossible for anyone to get into it. You never know if a pickpocket is around. You might as well be cautious so that you don’t lose your precious items.


Tone down Texting

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t text and drive. You should also be careful when you’re walking and texting. If you’re outside, you never want to cross a street while staring down at your phone. Wait until you’re no longer around cars to check your messages. Your best friend can wait five more minutes to hear about how hot Aaron Paul looked Sunday night.


Always Set Alarms

Some people wake up around the same time each morning, so they don’t think they need an alarm clock buzzing in their ear. Others rely on their parents or significant other to wake them up. If you need to be up by a certain time, don’t take any chances. Set an alarm and if you’re awake by the time it rings, simply turn it off. It’s not that difficult and could save you if something goes wrong.


Carry Charger

You never know when you’re phone is going to die. Batteries don’t last all that long, especially if you’re using a lot of apps and the Internet. If it ends up dying on a day that you’re out of the house and need to call someone or use the GPS function, you’re out of luck. It’s best to carry your charger around so that you can charge it in case of emergency. You’ll be able to find an outlet you can use or you can just buy a charger that plugs into the car.


Lock up

Even if you’re leaving your car for only a few minutes, lock the doors. The same goes for when you’re leaving your house. Going for a jog around the block or taking a quick trip to the store can leave enough time for a burglar to enter. If you have valuable items, always be careful with them. It’s unfortunate, but some people will take any opportunity they can to steal.

You shouldn’t live in fear, but you should take precautions whenever you can. You don’t want to go through pain because you weren’t cautious enough. Do you have any additional advice?

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And the number way to be safe rather than sorry is to always wrap it up! No glove no love!

Remember your coat better safe than sorry

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