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7 Ways to Spot a True Friend over the Rest ...

By Holly

There are surefire ways to spot a true friend among your crew. Sometimes you think that you’re close with someone, but then your relationship ends up falling apart. It’s unfortunate to lose someone that you thought was a dear friend. In order to avoid confusion, look out for these ways to spot a true friend.

1 Forgive after Fights

Friendship isn’t always smooth sailing. There are going to be times when you have arguments, but one of the ways to spot a true friend is to know that your relationship is never over. Just because you stop talking for a few days doesn’t mean that you’re never going to have another conversation. Fighting is a part of life, and can make your relationship stronger. Just don’t hold past fights over your pals or you could ruin a great, lifelong friendship.

2 Yells at You

If you do something wrong, a true friend will tell you so. They won’t let you do something that will harm yourself. They’ll have fun with you and let you make your own mistakes, but will tell you when you cross the line. You might be temporarily mad at them, but you’ll understand that they want what’s best for you. A true friend will risk getting you angry in order to keep you healthy.


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3 Tender Teasing

If someone can make you laugh when you’re sad, you know they’re a keeper. When you’re comfortable with someone, you can joke around with them and tease them. Just don’t make jokes that are too mean, because you could actually hurt their feelings. Instead, keep things light and don’t stop laughing. True friends have the ability to make you smile with a simple look.

4 Chemistry and Closeness

Do you have any friends that you barely see, but you get along wonderfully whenever you’re thrown back together? Closeness isn’t all about how often you see someone. The chemistry that you have determines how strong your friendship is. Your best friend could live miles away. Distance doesn’t matter, as long as you have a great time talking to your buds.

5 Available Advice

Everyone needs help now and again. If something is bothering you, you should feel comfortable going to your friends for advice. They’ll listen to everything that you have to say and let you cry on their shoulder. They’ll tell you what they think about your situation, but they will never judge you. A true friend is someone that will be there for you, no matter what you’re going through in life.

6 Sweet Silence

It’s important to be able to sit in comfortable silence. Talking and laughing are great, but there can’t always be noise. There’s nothing wrong with peace and quiet. You don’t need to fill every silent moment if you’re around someone that you’re completely comfortable with. You’ll feel perfectly relaxed, as long as you’re with someone that you care about.

7 Say Anything

True friends are the people that you can talk to about anything. Nothing is off limits. You can complain about your family or gush about your crush. You’ll listen to whatever your pal has to say, even if it’s something you don’t care all that much about. Since you’re so close, you’re respectful enough to give them your full attention.

True friends are difficult to find, but are worth the search. How long have you known your best friend? What do you two do together when you hang out?

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