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7 Ways Teens Can Help the Community ...

By Julia

Finding ways teenagers can help the community is easier than you think! In fact, there are so many ways, it’s hard to pick just seven! It is always a good idea for teenagers to put themselves out in society, make connections, and get to helping. Not only will these volunteer experiences look awesome on college resumes, but you’ll feel great that you helped your community at the same time! Check out some of these unique ways teenagers can help the community!

1 Fundraising for a Cause

Do you have a favorite organization, group, or club? Holding fundraisers for them is one of the many ways teenagers can help the community. By getting the word out, handling the money, or even the running the whole show, you would be helping the community in a big way. Fundraisers gather everyone together and help the community get to know each other, while learning a little bit about a new cause too!

2 Being Environmentally Friendly

This one is really easy. By doing little things that help the environment, you’re helping your community too! It is as easy as drying your hair with a towel instead of a hair dryer, picking up trash that you see in the park, or even carpooling to school! I’ve found that it’s the little everyday things that can add up and make a big difference!

3 Visiting Hospitals or Nursing Homes

The sick and elderly, although many times forgotten, are a huge part of our community! Giving just a bit of your time to go and listen to these amazing people is a simple way to really make a difference. By my experience, I can tell you that listening to older, wiser people is both rewarding and fun! Plus you can make someone’s day just a little bit better!

4 Gardening

This may seem like a strange idea but this is actually my favorite way of helping the community. Planting beautiful flowers and trees all around your community will make your town seem like the best place on Earth! With all the stress that everyone has from work, school, etc., it is nice to walk through your neighborhood and feel happy just because of your surroundings! Being around a positive atmosphere can definitely make anyone more positive too!

5 Volunteering (anywhere!)

Even though this is one of the more classic ideas, I really love this. Volunteering at the community center, the local nursing home, the hospital, or the animal shelter is a great way to give back to your community. A lot of places have an age limit where you have to be fourteen or sixteen years or older, but there are always places for younger teens too. Ever think about volunteering at your school? If your school is like mine, it always has new activities and fundraisers happening on weekends. Offer to help out sometime!

6 Donating

Everyone has those old clothes in the back of their closet that they never wear right? I know I do! Every year go through all of your old clothes and donate them to your local thrift shop! They can always use new clothes and old items. Plus it will clear up a lot of space for new clothes!

7 Create a Free Club

This idea is easy to pull off with a little help from your friends! By starting a free club like a gardening club, a children’s club, or a book club, you can help make your neighbors a little closer together. You can even create a club for kids! A lot of little kids don’t have a place to go after school and end up being bored at home. Talk to their parents about starting a kids club for them! Chances are, they’ll think it’s a great idea!

From fundraising to donating, there are so many ways teenagers can help the community. Getting a few friends together and trying to help can make a huge difference in your community with a little effort! Try some of these ideas out and tell me how it goes! What are some ways you like to help your community?

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