9 Things to do with Kids when Babysitting ...


9 Things to do with Kids when Babysitting ...
9 Things to do with Kids when Babysitting ...

Knowing a few things to do with kids when babysitting may come in handy this summer if you decide to pick up a few babysitting jobs on the side for extra spending money! Most kids are easy to entertain, and simple activities are lots of fun for little hands. Here are my top ideas of things to do with kids when babysitting, with both indoor and outdoor activities included!

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Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is one of the things to do with kids when babysitting that is inexpensive and highly entertaining! Drawing pictures is lots of fun when you have a huge canvas to draw on, but don’t forget games like hopscotch! This game is still a hit with kids even though it’s been around for a while.


Macaroni Necklace

Here’s an indoor activity that keeps kids occupied for a little bit. Making macaroni necklaces is creative and fun, plus it leaves kids with a present to give to mom when she gets home! You can also opt for regular beads, but watch closely that all beads remain out of little mouths and away from household pets.


Food Craft

Making an edible craft is appealing to children of nearly all ages! A great idea to try is pancakes with M&M smiley faces. These are yummy, and semi-healthy if you use a whole-wheat pancake batter. Check websites like Pinterest for other ideas if you like.


Water Balloon Fight

If you have a hot summer day, parents' permission, and a nice area outside, you have the perfect ingredients for a water balloon fight! You can sit to the side and chaperone, or jump in and join the fun! Either way, take an extra change of clothes since you never know when a wayward balloon may strike you unexpectedly!


Bubble Blowing

Blowing bubbles is still fun for me and I’m certainly not a child anymore! Grab a few bottles with different scents and different shaped wands to bring some variety to your bubble fest. Blowing bubbles outside is best, since you won’t have a big mess to clean up afterwards!


Bath Time Fun

If you’re babysitting near bedtime, then stretching out the bathing process is usually enjoyable for most kids. Bring along a few fun bathtub toys, and maybe even some colored soaps or tub crayons. Check with parents first to make sure the kids you’re watching don’t have allergic reactions to colored soaps.


Finger Painting

If you can stand to clean up the mess, finger painting is a lot of fun for small children! For a mess-free option to finger paint, you will need paint in multiple colors and a large Ziploc baggie. Squeeze several different colors of paint into the Ziploc bag, and seal it tightly. Now let the kiddos “draw” away! The paint will swirl and mix together, making a lovely pattern. Kids love it!


Put on a Play

For kids with overactive imaginations, try channeling it all into a little play! Choose a book or story to re-enact with the kids, and use household items and toys as “props.” It’s fun interaction for every age, and when the parents return home, they will enjoy seeing their little ones' antics!


Go to the Park

With parental permission, you can pack the kids up and head off to the nearest park! Playing outside lets off steam for kids and gets them plenty of vitamin D. Pack along a picnic lunch and make a day of it! Just don’t skip nap time, else parents will have a cranky tot on their hands when they return.

With this list of things to do with kids when babysitting, you shouldn’t run out of ideas, even for the most active of imaginations! Whether you are stuck indoors due to weather, or have access to a lovely back yard, you and the kiddos will both have a blast with these cool ideas. What do you like to do with kids when you babysit?

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Thank you sooooo much! I never know what to do when I babysit! Xoxo M

omg thaank yoou ! <3.<3

My grandson and granddaughter love to play outside in the sand or sprinkler.

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