8 Ways for a Teenager to Make Money ...


8 Ways for a Teenager to Make Money ...
8 Ways for a Teenager to Make Money ...

Ways to Make Money as a Teenager **are important for teens for a variety of reasons. Teenagers as a social group are some of the most financially demanding people that parents can ever meet. With the constant bombardment of materialistic goods being promoted to us through television ads and shop windows, it’s no wonder that the younger generations are so focused on one thing: expensive items. However, as we are all forced to tighten our belts and look at ways to save money in the light of the economy, **ways to make money as a teenager for themselves is becoming increasingly popular, with parents now encouraging their children to work more often. Here’s a list of 8 ways to make money as a teenager that can hopefully help you out!

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Working for Your Parents

One of the most popular ways to make money as a teenager is to help your parents out wherever you can to earn a little bit of cash. The payment for regular household help (cleaning instead of your mom, helping your dad to wash the car) is often quite little, but it does give you flexibility to work whenever you want and is great experience for when you move out of your parents’ home. Never underestimate the few bucks that can be made from helping out around the house!



Babysitting is often a good way for teenagers (usually girls) to make money while helping out a neighbor in need. During the summer you are most likely to find babysitting jobs available in your area (especially if you are willing to look after children all day while their parents work) and the jobs can actually pay rather good money. Of course you do need a passion for working with kids!



By helping others, there are lots of ways to make money as a teenager. Although a lot more unconventional than babysitting, pet owners may need the occasional bit of help when they are away from home, usually in the form of you looking after their pet. Whether you take the pet into your home for the time they are away, or you have the opportunity to go to their house and look after it for a few hours, you can make some easy cash if you like animals. Perhaps you could even mix babysitting with pet-sitting!


Department Stores

What department store doesn’t want a pretty young girl working behind the counter? You’d be surprised how much influence a nice smile and good dress sense can have on managers of department stores, especially the smaller locally-owned ones. Just drop off a resume and you never know, you might find yourself with a new job!


Private Tutoring

One of the ways to make money as a teenager is to offer private tutoring lessons to local kids. If you live in an inner-city there are usually more kids in your local area, which means that you have more prospective clients for your teaching. Just make sure that you’re teaching a subject that you are interested in, and have patience – not everybody will pick it up as quickly as you, so try to help the struggling kids in any way you can.


Arts and Crafts

If you are the artistic sort of girl, making arts and crafts to sell at local fetes and fairs can be a way to make money. Stalls at local events are usually relatively cheap to hire, so you should be able to make a good profit if you have quality goods. You can easily make money by doing something you enjoy.



Becoming a lifeguard depends on you having a good swimming ability (with a certificate to verify that) and you living in an area where local pools are common. It's one of the most popular ways to make money as a teenager as well. Some busy parents may even employ you over the summer to watch their children play in the pool, depending on you to step in if they are ever in danger. A great deal of responsibility will be placed on you, so be ready for that.


Delivering Newspapers

To end my list is one of the most common American ways to make money as a teenager: delivering newspapers! All you have to do is find a local shop that has a newspaper delivery root free, a bicycle (or on foot if you can walk fast) and a good attitude. It will probably involve you waking up early to deliver the morning paper, so be prepared!

There are many great ways to make money as a teenager, you just have to look for them and be willing to work hard. I hope you have found my list of 8 ways to make money as a teenager **useful. If you have any other **ways to make money as a teenager, please do leave a comment and share your money making opportunities! How did you make money when you were a teen?

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