9 Super Sources of Extra Cash ...


9 Super Sources of Extra Cash ...
9 Super Sources of Extra Cash ...

Sources Of Extra Cash are something that we are all looking for these days! With prices constantly on the rise, any sources of extra cash that you can find are welcome. Every little does indeed help! So if you find yourself wondering how you´re going to pay the bills, try one or more of these sources of extra cash

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Online surveys are one of the easiest sources of extra cash. While watching TV, or when you´ve got a little spare time, you can fill in a few surveys. It won´t make you rich, but the dollars add up over time.



Babysitting isn´t just for teenagers looking to earn some pocket money. Whatever your age, you can offer your services to neighbours (and friends, if they don´t mind paying you). You could even maximise your earnings by filling in those surveys once the kids are in bed!


Clever Crafts

Do you love crafts? If your work is up to a good enough standard, make some items to sell. This could be a nice little earner for next Christmas. You can also use TV time to work on your crafts, but remember to price your work so that you make a fair profit (including your time).


Super Skills

Are you talented at something that you could offer to others, such as baking cakes or giving massages? Offer your services to coworkers, and word could soon get around that you make the most fabulous birthday cakes. This could be an excellent source of extra cash, as word of mouth could get you a lot of business.


Closet Clearout

There are few closets that aren´t full of things you don´t need. Sort out your house and root out all the clothes, childrens´ toys and assorted items that you no longer want. Have a garage sale or sell them on Ebay – you could use this source of extra cash to buy something new that you need.


Ebay Entrepeneur

Do you have an interest in and knowledge of a particular item such as vintage clothing or collectables? Do your research, and work out if you can make enough profit after fees, purchase price and postage. If so, you could make a nice little extra sum of money. You do have to know your subject, and be dealing in a field that is not too competitive.



Are you talented in music, fluent in foreign languages or smart with computers? Teaching your knowledge to others can be one of the best sources of extra cash, as one-on-one tuition can pay a good hourly rate. Advertise your services and you may soon pick up students on the recommendation of others. This is also really flexible work.


Happy Hostess

Do you have a spare room? Then make it work for you by renting it out! This doesn´t mean that you have to have a full-time lodger, if you dislike the idea of sharing full-time. There is also the option of housing foreign students for a few weeks, or having a weekday lodger who returns home at weekends.


Pair of Hands

If you´re one of those useful people who is very practical, there are a number of sources of extra cash. You could use your spare time to earn money gardening, car cleaning, and house cleaning etc. Or if you know how to fix things, elderly people or women living on their own often prefer to employ another woman to do jobs around the house.

So, if you´re looking for any sources of extra cash, one or more of these ideas could be just what you´re looking for! Who knows, they may turn out to be more than sources of extra cash – it could even lead you to a new business venture. But if all you want is a bit more cash in your pocket, these ideas are pretty useful as well. What have you tried to earn extra cash when you need it?

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