7 Ways to Earn Extra Money for a Big Goal ...


7 Ways to Earn Extra Money for a Big Goal ...
7 Ways to Earn Extra Money for a Big Goal ...

Let’s suppose you want to do or buy something big. Maybe you’d like to go on holiday, buy a top-of-the-range computer, treat yourself to some designer clothing or decorate your house from top to bottom. Waiting seems depressing, doesn’t it – and you do have those credit cards … Think again! If you have a big goal in mind, it’s so much better to save up until you can pay for it in cash – so here are some ways of earning money towards that goal.

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Second Job

Depending on the hours you work in your main job, and the length of your commute, you may be able to take on a second job. Working a few evenings in a bar, or taking a weekend job, will soon mount up if you put it all in a savings account.



Do you have a skill that you could pass on to others, or any teaching experience? Coaching children to help them pass exams can be a good little earner. You could also organise craft classes, do makeup lessons, teach music – whatever you are good at.



The obvious way to earn extra income is to do extra hours at work. If you can take a shorter lunch break, for example, that would be an extra few hours a week, or you could work an extra hour per day. Make sure that you put that money aside into a separate account for your goal, otherwise it will disappear into general expenditure.


Focus Groups

Check out whether there are any focus groups operating in your area. If you fit the desired profile, you will be asked your opinion on a product or service. These can be quite well-paid for a couple of hours of your time.



Is there anyone who doesn’t have a house full of things that they don’t want or need? Spend some time sorting out unwanted clothes and other items, photograph them and list them on eBay (look out for free listing days). You could soon earn quite a bit of cash towards your big goal.



Do you have a craft skill that you could put to good use? Spend some spare time making up items to sell, then take a stall at a fair or even organise a craft evening. Make sure that you can earn a profit, and that there is a market for your items.


Yard Sales

If you don’t have the patience to list everything individually on eBay, then have a good old-fashioned yard sale. You won’t get as much as you could selling online, but you will get paid on the day, and won’t have to post lots of parcels.

So here are just some ideas for earning that extra cash to save up for a big goal. Do you have a goal in mind that you would like to save for, and how do you plan to earn the money?

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