8 Ways for a Teenager to Make Money ...


Ways to Make Money as a Teenager are important for teens for a variety of reasons. Teenagers as a social group are some of the most financially demanding people that parents can ever meet. With the constant bombardment of materialistic goods being promoted to us through television ads and shop windows, it’s no wonder that the younger generations are so focused on one thing: expensive items. However, as we are all forced to tighten our belts and look at ways to save money in the light of the economy, ways to make money as a teenager for themselves is becoming increasingly popular, with parents now encouraging their children to work more often. Here’s a list of 8 ways to make money as a teenager that can hopefully help you out!

1. Working for Your Parents

One of the most popular ways to make money as a teenager is to help your parents out wherever you can to earn a little bit of cash. The payment for regular household help (cleaning instead of your mom, helping your dad to wash the car) is often quite little, but it does give you flexibility to work whenever you want and is great experience for when you move out of your parents’ home. Never underestimate the few bucks that can be made from helping out around the house!

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