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7 Ways a Planner Can Bring Order to Your Life ...

By Alicia

If you struggle with disorganization then a planner may be what you need to bring order to your life. A planner is an amazing organizational tool. It can help minimize those moments when you feel like you just can’t get it together. These’re some practical ways that a planner can prove to be very useful.

1 Your Appointments Are All in One Place

One way a planner can bring order to your life is by keeping your appointments in one place. It’s easier to keep track of your appointments this way rather than trying to keep up with all those appointment cards. Using a planner to keep track of your appointments will remind you they’re coming up. There’re planners that have a weekly or monthly format. Choose whichever option is best for you.

2 You Won’t Miss Another Birthday

Don’t you feel awful when you miss a close friend’s birthday? Keeping a planner can make this a thing of the past. At the beginning of each year, sit down and pencil in each person’s birthday that you celebrate. You can also write yourself a reminder on the first day of each month about the birthdays you need to shop for. You’ll love not having to mentally keep up with this anymore.

3 It Can Help with Your Health

Planners can also be used to help you keep track of health related issues in your life. You can write down reminders to do a monthly self-breast exam or skin exam. It’s a good way to keep track of when you should change your contact lenses, too. These’re things that can easily slip past you in the busyness of life. The written reminder can be helpful.

4 It Can Help Keep Your House Clean

A planner can help you keep your house clean, too. I use my planner to remind me when I need to change the filters on my heating and air conditioning unit. I also use it to remind me when I should swap clothes out for the season. That’s a great time to clean your closets out, too. If you make it a point to clean your closet out with your bi-yearly clothes swap, a messy closet will rarely be a problem.

5 It Prevents You from Using Expired Beauty Products

Some beauty products will last you for months. There’re others that you shouldn’t use that long. Two of those’re mascara and shower loofahs. Your mascara should be changed out at least every three months and you should purchase a new loofah monthly. Make it a practice to write down when these products need to be changed in your planner. You’ll save yourself from trying to remember if it’s time to change them or not.

6 It’s a Place to Store Ideas for the Future

I use my planner to store ideas for the future. For example, last year I decided that I wanted to bring a certain patriotic dessert to a 4th of July cookout we attend every year. So I wrote a note in my planner to remind me. You can use your planner for lots of things like this. You won’t have to worry about forgetting details anymore.

7 It’s a Quick Notepad to Grab

This isn’t the most common way to use your planner but it’s a useful one. Your planner will probably have extra paper that you can grab to make a quick grocery list or write a school excuse. You can also use it to record phone numbers and addresses. Having those little snatches of paper available can prove handy. You’ll probably find your planner helpful in this way, too.

These’re 7 ways that a planner can help bring order to your life. How’s your planner most helpful to you? I’d love to hear your answers.

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