7 Warning Signs World War 3 is on the Way ...


Maybe Iran will start the next world war, or maybe North Korea will. They are both looking for a good fight, but they are minor players in a situation that could develop into World War 3. World Wars do not just happen. They occur in baby steps with one minor offence leading to another. Here are the factors that are building towards World War 3. In a few years, our battle-hardened grandchildren will look back at the factors leading up to WW3 with the same incredulous, “How did we not see it coming?” that we have now about WW2.

1. Russia Wants the Ukraine

On February 27, 2014, over 6000 Russian troops invaded Crimea and took control of government buildings, airports, military bases and communication centers and may have started the world on the first steps to World War 3. They now have a stranglehold over the Crimea and have removed it from the Ukraine.

The trouble is that Russian hackers and communication experts are pushing the invasion as a liberation and making westerners believe they are helping the Crimean people, when in fact there have been beatings, torture, rape and numerous murders by pro-Russian supporters. The Crimea is running short of food and has rolling blackouts, and nobody is able to use their Visa or debit cards in shops, which has pushed up muggings and cash-theft crimes too.

The Ukrainian government is in tatters and is in no position to resist the Russians, so the US and Europe sprung into action with sanctions. They are no longer allowed to trade with Russia, which hasn’t had the desired effect of stopping Russia, but has hurt the Russian economy by around 10-15%.

Most people in the world call the annexing of Crimea an act of war against the Ukraine, and yet Russian spin doctors are making it seem legal and “an act of salvation.” Their point is that they only want the Crimea and are not invading the entire country. Riots are flaring up all over the Ukraine and the government is in tatters. This is the same as the lead up to world war when the Russians sent a pro-Russian mob into Kharkiv, and that could be where Putin’s army is headed next.

If Russia Starts Expanding, Their Neighbors Will Make Alliances with Anybody!
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