9 Viral Videos You Need in Your Life Right Now ...


9 Viral Videos You Need in Your Life Right Now ...
9 Viral Videos You Need in Your Life Right Now ...

Whether they’re silly or serious, viral videos are quickly becoming the largest form of entertainment. You may have found yourself falling down the viral video rabbit hole once or twice, and that’s perfectly okay! They’re absolutely addicting, and I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite viral videos to help you lose a few hours of your life to the Internet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Lily’s Disneyland Surprise… Again!

I’m sure you remember Lily’s Disneyland Surprise, the video that went viral a few years ago. Lily was surprised with a trip to Disneyland for her birthday, and her reaction was priceless. Her parents decided to film her reaction again, years later, but it elicited a very different response this time. Lily has almost an identical reaction to her first surprise, if not better than the first time, but her little sister Chloe steals the spotlight this time around. She looks confused and indifferent to the surprise, which caused an insane viral reaction almost immediately. We’ve all felt like Chloe at one time or another, which is what makes it so hilarious. Chloe makes this one of my favorite viral videos of all time. These parents have basically hit viral gold with these two girls.


Psst… What!

If you don’t have the Vine app yet, you’re missing out on awesome gems like this one. The “Psst…. What! Girl” is one of the most precious videos to come from this app. If you don’t know what Vine is, it’s an app that you can film and watch 6-second videos on loop, resulting in adorable moments like this one. This video gets cuter each time you watch it, so you will probably watch this Vine on loop for hours on end. Consider this your warning.


Bat Dad

Bat Dad is one of those viral sensations that I don’t think I will ever be able to get enough of. Imagine if Batman was a father to a plethora of small children, and that’s what you’ve got here. Bat Dad is another Vine viral sensation, and in my opinion, the only reason you need to download Vine. He’s hilarious, but his kids are even funnier.


Chip Chocolate

Chip Chocolate is the rapper alter ego of YouTube Star Jesse Wellens, someone I was a fan of even before Chip Chocolate existed. Chip Chocolate is probably the only rapper you want your children to listen to, and you’ll even enjoy his viral sensation “Cookie Dance.” It’s not only funny, but also surprisingly catchy.


Chinese Food

Chinese Food is one of those viral videos that you don’t want to watch yet still watch for reasons you can’t explain. I won’t judge you. I watched it. I hated it, but I still watched it. It’s a sad attempt to steal Rebecca Black’s throne for worst viral video of all time. In fact, there’s even a cameo from the rapper who was in Friday. Before you watch this, remember that I’m warning you that you will hate this. Still, you must watch it.


Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank

The Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank may take you back to when Punk’d was on the air, and with good reason. It has a similar pranking style to Punk’d, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen from Punk’d. You need to watch these innocent passersby’s reactions to this insane prank. I’m not sure how I would’ve reacted, but I would probably be embarrassed about it forever. There is a little bit of a surprise at the end, which may leave you questioning its validity, but I won’t spoil it for you.


Twin Baby Bath

I basically thrive off of cute baby viral videos, which I mean in the least creepy way possible. This one is the ultimate cute baby video. You’ll find yourself cooing over these newborn twins hugging each other as they get a bath. Your heart will not be able to handle it. It’s actually an ad for the bath they’re in, but that’s not even important. They’re so precious that they’re undoubtedly the focus of this video.


Social Media Experiment

This video might scare you a little bit, but it’s still really interesting. It definitely makes you think twice about what you put on the Internet. A guy looked up posts on social media near his location, gathered a ton of information on the people around him, and sufficiently freaked them out in the process. It’s definitely worth watching, but it’s also probably a good idea to evaluate your social media presence after watching!


The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet is one of the coolest inventions I’ve seen in a while. I can’t even explain it well, because it’s that mind-boggling to me. Watch the video and you’ll hopefully be just as impressed as I am. Even more impressive, it was invented by two women when they were design students. What a talent!

What are your favorite viral videos? Let me know in the comments so I can watch them!

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Coffee shop prank is so awesome.

Bat dad xD

The coffee shop one and the bike helmet invention are both totally awesome

There's a video titled "Morgan really likes apples" it's one of the cutest vids ever!


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