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10 Very Tricky Job Interview Questions to Be Prepared for ...

By Neecey

Job interview questions can sometimes contain a curve ball. With today’s level of high competition and low availability of jobs, looking for a job is a job in itself and obtaining an interview is a huge accomplishment. Nonetheless, it is still only half the job done, especially you might be asked very tricky job interview questions you need to be prepared for. Tricky interview questions are there to filter out those unqualified for the job with fast and ruthless tact – essential for a company that would be sorting through hundreds of applicants. Unexpected questions can throw any interviewee off, so be prepared by taking a look at these 10 Very Tricky Job Interview Questions to be Prepared For.

1 Why Have You Been out of Work so Long, and How Many Others Were Laid off?

This is one of the trickiest job interview questions of them all, because it basically means ‘why were you fired, and why have you not snapped up a job fast enough?’ It is a question designed to find out if you have an employment problem which your previous company couldn’t deal with, and if it’ll be a problem for them. So, instead of answering directly and to avoid an emotionally loaded answer that can be misinterpreted, give an imprecise answer that doesn’t put you in a bad light. E.g: ‘I can’t say for sure, but I do know that I was a hard-working and gave the job my all.’

2 Where Would You Really like to Work?

This is to catch you out in case you have been looking for other more desirable jobs, and this current job is a back-up plan or one that’s not your ‘ideal’ job. So, don’t be too truthful and simply say that THIS is the place you would really like to work to show your eagerness and loyalty to this job.


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3 What Bugs You about Co-workers or Bosses?

This is such a dangerous and tricky job interview question! This is an obvious trap so don’t fall for it. You need to not appear vindictive, petty or bitchy about anyone on a professional level – otherwise you’ll appear to be unfriendly and difficult. So, bite your tongue when answering this if you have experienced bad co-workers or bosses and say that there isn’t anything memorable or in particular and in general you got along fine with your colleagues.

4 If Employed, How do You Manage Time for Interviews?

You may have had to struggle with this job interview question whilst preparing for the interview. Say you have taken personal time out of your day to prepare for this interview because you are keen and only interview for jobs that are suitable for you – this will give a subtle hint that you are sure you’re right for this job without sounding arrogant.

5 How Did You Prepare for This Interview?

This is quite straightforward, and is simply to find out if you’re just winging it or you actually did your homework because you care about getting the job. You should start with saying you did the basics of researching the company through its website and then show off your knowledge by talking about the industry, company or department’s history or aims with informed answers, especially on their recent developments.

6 Do You Know Anyone Who Works for Us?

This is a very tricky job interview question because it’s directly targeting the «it’s not what you know but who you know». If you do, and so tell the truth it may look bad; equally, if you lie and get the job they could find out and know you as a liar. However, some employers like the idea of an employee drawing in good recommendable people (you) for the job – however, only mention it if your friend has a positive standing in the company.

7 How Does This Position Compare with Others You're Applying for?

This is to find out what it is you are considering and what the company can do to bring you on board. There are two tracts you can take with this: be secretive and say you want to respect the privacy of any organization you have interviews with, or be calculated and say you’ve actually received a competitive offer and this may inspire them to give you an even better deal.

8 Can You Describe How You Solved a Work or School Problem?

This is actually a very basic interview question. However, many interviewees may not be able to think up of an appropriate answer on the spot for the specific company. However, the interviewer really wants to know how you mind works, so give a prepared answer that shows off any achievements.

9 Can You Describe a Work or School Instance in Which You Messed up?

I feel very sorry for you if you get this especially tricky job interview question. This is to find out whether or not you know to learn from your mistakes and are self-aware of your actions, or if you reveal a level of stupidity your interviewer simply won’t tolerate. So, give a brief explanation about a small, well-intending error and follow it up with how you learnt from the mistake.

10 If You Won the Lottery, Would You Still Work?

Just say yes – because it shows you want a meaningful life and, whilst you’d be thrilled, you’d still need the challenges and motivation to be happy.

I hope this helps, but if you do find yourself caught off guard with a tricky job interview question, just don’t panic. Say you’d like some time to think about it for a sensible answer, or be honest and say you’d rather not hazard a guess because you’re a careful employee. If you’ve done well in the rest of the interview then you can leave the interview feeling confident you did your best. What top 10 Very Tricky Job Interview Questions to be Prepared For have you had?

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