7 Unsolved Disappearances That Still Creep Us out Today ...


We see reports about unsolved disappearances almost every day in the media, some more unusual than others – and all of them sad. However, throughout history, there have been some enigmatic unsolved disappearances that are truly unbelievable, leaving even the best experts in the field completely baffled.

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Teresa Butler’s Case

Teresa Butler’s strange case is one of the most unusual unsolved disappearances yet. After returning from an overnight shift, Teresa’s husband found that his wife was missing, while their two sons were home alone. While the woman seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth, investigators were further baffled by the fact that an unknown caller had used Teresa’s cell phone to place an enigmatic silent call around 3 AM.


The Missing Blimp Crew

On August the 12th, 1942, Lt. Ernest Cody and Ensign Charles Adams were on patrol duty when their undamaged L8 blimp was seen off course crashing down somewhere in the San Francisco area. When bystanders rushed to offer help, the airship’s crew members were nowhere to be found.


The Sodder Children

In one of the most bizarre unsolved disappearances of all time, the five Sodder children mysteriously vanished after a strange fire erupted in their parents’ home, trapping the kids upstairs. As weird facts proceeded to add up, not only were no remains of the children found after the fire, but several eye witness reports and even some photographs taken years after the fire seemed to show the kids were alive, yet no one ever found out what really happened to them or where they were...


Ben Padilla and the Missing 727

During a routine aircraft refurbishing job in Angola in 2003, mechanic Ben Padilla, after the Boeing 727 he was working on unexpectedly made an unauthorized take-off one night. Padilla, the plane, and another crew member vanished without a trace. The mystery hasn't been solved, but some experts believe the plane may have been stolen and crashed in the Atlantic, due to Padilla’s incomplete flying skills and qualifications.


Frederick Valentich

In 1978, Frederick Valentich took off in his Cessna airplane from Victoria, Australia, to collect some passengers from King Island, about 470 miles away. Close to his destination, he asked a Flight Control Officer about a mysterious aircraft he had seen. After a dramatic chain of events, in which the mysterious aircraft seemed to have attacked Valentich’s plane, there was radio silence. A 7-day search for the Cessna turned up nothing…


The Springfield Three

In an unsolved disappearance case happening under very strange circumstances, Sherrill Levitt, her daughter, Suzie, and her friend, Stacy McCall, have mysteriously disappeared after returning home from a graduation party. Their friends found the house empty with all their belongings – including cell phones and credit cards – still in the house, and the only potential clue being a broken porch light.


The Strange Case of the Flannan Lighthouse Keepers

Finally, in a case that defies all reasoning, the Flannan Isles Lighthouse's three-man crew strangely vanished at the turn of the 20th century just 20 days before they were to retire. All three men seemed to have disappeared into thin air, the lighthouse door being locked, and the lighthouse still signaling “danger” when the rescue ship arrived to investigate.

There are plenty of other creepy unsolved disappearances, but you have to admit some of these ones seem like they go well beyond any kind of logic. What other strange disappearance cases have you heard of?


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Interesting article. Ive always been intrigued by cold cases and disappearances in particular because it leaves so many unanswered questions and alot to the imagination... But there is one small thing that should be clarified in this article regarding the Springfield three. The writer said that all 3 women's belongings were left in the house (incl. their cars) and their cellphones. However that isnt the case and none of them had cellphones because they vanished in the late 80s i believe, maybe early 90s.

This was super interesting and creepy at the same time!

This was interesting! And hello!!! Texas chainsaw massacre!

The flight MH370!!

@glamgirl87 that's not really a big mystery. The parents knocked out their children with medicine whilst they went out to dinner. They returned and only 1/3 children taken. Their daughter's blood was found in the boot of their car. They as well as their friends they went to dinner with were never questioned and ruled out of the case despite lack of investigation and reasoning. The investigators haven't got any evidence to suggest anything but the fresh blood found in the parents car....

The disappearance of Madeleine McCan, a three year old girl who vanished from her hotel room while on vacation in Portugal with her family.


In lubbock texas the news always shows women missing/murders cold cases


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