7 Unconventional Reasons to Throw a Party ...


7 Unconventional Reasons to Throw a Party ...
7 Unconventional Reasons to Throw a Party ...

Who says parties are only meant for birthdays and weddings? As guest contributor Jenae believes, there are plenty of unconventional reasons to throw a party. What are these? Read on...

You’re having a good hair day, your makeup is perfect and there is a new dress in your closet you are dying to wear. Now all you need is a reason. There is no need to wait for a birthday or graduation to party like a rockstar. Here are 7 unconventional reasons to throw a party:

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You Were Fired from Your Job

While most would see unemployment as a negative event, realize that being let go from your job may be the catalyst you need to pursue something you are passionate about. If you find a career you really love you will never have to work another day. In the mean time, plan a house party and have everyone bring a dish. You may be jobless for the time being but you won’t go hungry!


You Don’t Have an Std

Clearly safe sex is nothing to take lightly, but if you’ve had a lapse in judgment getting yourself tested is a must. And finding out you are not a member of the dirty dozens club is a cause worth celebrating. You can also use your party as a platform to tout the virtues of safe sex and give out condoms and flavored lube as party favors. Don’t forget to use them yourself, lest you end up in a similar predicament.


You Broke up/divorced Your Significant Other

Throwing a party for break up/divorce really isn’t a new idea, however it’s still one of the best things to get over the end of a relationship and ward off depression. Have each guest bring you one potential date to make your party more of a mixer. The best way to get over someone old is to get under someone new right? And your friends are there to help you choose since they just knew Jim wasn’t going to work out.


You Need to Clean out Your Closet

Spring cleaning is no fun, and since misery loves company, inviting your friends over to help will ease the pain of getting organized. All party participants should bring a bottle of wine, a box, and any shoes or clothes they want to get rid of or trade. Any unclaimed items (can we say velour stirrup pants?) can be donated to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Now you will have a clean closet, some new clothes and a tax write off for April 15th.


It's Your Half Birthday

Remember when «nine and a half» was an acceptable answer to the question «How old are you?» Tap into the excitement of your younger self and have a half birthday party! Serve half a meal on half a plate, pass out birthday hats that have been cut in half...you get the idea. Although you may not be growing younger, a la Benjamin Button, you can still celebrate every step toward the elderly life.


Season Finale Time!

After a ninety-three season run, your favorite t.v. companions are calling it quits. What better way to commemorate the occasion than a watch party with your real friends? Grab some popcorn, order some pizzas and pile on the couch together. You get real time commentary and the added bonus of picking apart the entire plot.


Your Favorite Coffee Mug is Missing. Again

Nothing like a little Clue inspired soiree to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes! Now you can have some assistance figuring out «whodunit» this time. Have all your suspects, er, I mean guests, arrive at your dinner party fashionably dressed. There are several websites such as playingwithmurder.com to assist you in planning an evening of intrigue and make the entire planning elementary my dear. The only thing left for you to figure out is if it happened in the kitchen with the lead pipe, or in the library with the candlestick.

Regardless of the excuse, throwing a party is always an instant pick me up. With good food, great friends, and a little bit of music you really don’t even need a reason! What was the best party you ever went to?

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This is really cute (:

Thank you! I had quite a bit of fun writing it :-)

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