7 Tricks That Photographers Know for Looking Your Best in Every Photograph You Take ...


7 Tricks That Photographers Know for Looking Your Best in Every Photograph You Take ...
7 Tricks That Photographers Know for Looking Your Best in Every Photograph You Take ...

Taking photographs is a science, but if you know a few tips for looking your best in every photograph, it’s a science you'll master in no time. As a former model, I learned that I was previously a horrible photography student. I didn’t know many simple tips, such as the ones below, so I often looked shy, intimidated and pale in photos, without even knowing it. Once I learned a few tricks that some great photographers taught me, it was easy to take great photographs without hardly trying. Check out some of these tips below and you’ll be well on your way to looking your best in every photograph from here on out!

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Practice, Practice, Practice

One easy tip that you can take advantage of for looking your best in every photograph is to practice posing in the mirror first, and practice a lot! You might feel a little silly, but believe it or not, a pose that feels right to you may look terrible in a photograph, and yet a pose that feels strange may actually look great in a photograph. Now that you’ve got your mirror, pick a favorite pose you’ve seen in a magazine and practice until you’ve nailed it.


Create Your Makeup around the Lighting

Don’t put on your everyday makeup and expect it to look great in photographs. Most lighting will require you to brighten up your blush, enhance your eye makeup a little more, and maybe go a little less heavy with the foundation, yet apply it thoroughly for coverage. Intense lighting can cause foundation to look cakey, and if your blush is too light, it might cause you to look pale and lifeless. Apply a few extra coats of mascara while you’re at it.


When in Doubt, Go with White

Whatever you do, don’t pick a flashy pattern as your outfit choice, unless it’s a high fashion shoot. When in doubt of what to wear, it never hurts to go with white. Models know this, and even food photographers use white dishes because they photograph well. White helps you stand out, instead of your outfit, which is important to showcase your face and features. It also compliments most skin tones and goes well with multiple types of cosmetic designs.


Try Wearing Your Hair Back

If you normally wear your hair down, try wearing it back in your photographs. This shows off three key points that you want to accent in photos which are your neck, your collarbone, and your cheeks. These areas have natural bone definition that looks beautiful and feminine in photos. If your hair is covering it all up, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to make yourself look amazing in photos.


Laugh when You Smile

Here’s a trick my photographer taught me. The best way to get a natural smile is to laugh while the photographer is clicking away. I’m not talking about throwing your face back and grabbing your gut kind of laugh, but instead, a natural giggle to release your true smile. This is such a great tip that feels so silly, but has created some of the best pictures I’ve ever seen because they are natural.


Stand Tall

Whether standing or sitting, be sure your back is really tall. This elongates all parts of the neck, the waist and your shoulders. It helps you look slimmer, confident and more attractive in any photo.


Tilt Your Chin up Just a Hair

It is easy to draw our chins downward in photos, but this makes for a horrible look in pictures. Always tilt your chin up just a little, like you’re trying to create a full on 90 degree angle between your chin and your neck and collarbone. So simple, yet so effective!

Photographing is so much easier with a few helpful tips. One last thing: don’t be nervous! Just pretend like you’re taking your best selfie and go with it! Do you have a photography tip to share?

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Can someone do a post on how to remind someone about something without being annoying?? Really need help with this.

Nice tips it helps since I take lots of selfies

1-wearing white makes people look wider--- so that's completely off! 2- wearing you "HAIR BACK" if you don't have a models face you'll just look like a hobbit-- specially if your neck is short and your overweight. 3- "CHIN UP " just works for certain people-- chin up will make the person look "neck less if they have a short neck---- and if they're overweight the persons face will even look rounder .... Who wants to look rounder?! Exactly--- NO ONE. " chin down actually allows you to look slimmer. Stand tall the back of your neck as though you have a hook in the back of it an tilt your Chin a bit down.

#1 & 2 are a big help

Yes I have tried some of these and most of them worked for me :)

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