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Do you wish you could stop feeling self-conscious? It's a common problem; many of us often feel that other people are watching and judging us. Usually they aren't even aware of us! But we imagine that we are being judged, and so become even more unpleasantly aware of ourselves and what we perceive ourselves to be lacking in. So what can you do about this? It's essentially a question of retraining yourself and changing your perception. Try these tips to help yourself stop feeling self-conscious …

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What Other People Think Doesn't Matter

One way to stop feeling self-conscious is to remind yourself that it doesn't matter what other people think of you. We put thoughts into their head that probably aren't even there. But suppose that they are thinking critical thoughts on your appearance, for example. Why place so much importance on what this person thinks? Forget about other people's approval - the only opinion that matters is your own.


Work out Why

It also helps to work out just what makes you feel self-conscious. Once you've identified it, you can then counteract your feelings. Let's say you're nervous about starting a new course, because you hate being the new person. But when you think about it, you realise that everyone is new! So walking into the room won't be so daunting, since you're all in the same boat.


Focus Your Attention Elsewhere

The problem with being self-conscious is that it tends to feed upon itself. The more aware of your discomfort you are, the more uncomfortable you feel. You need to break the cycle. Stop thinking about how you look, or worrying that you will say something stupid. Focus your attention elsewhere - listen to what people are saying, or think about how much you love the new shoes you bought for the occasion.


Nobody is Noticing

Self-consciousness can make you feel as though you have a big sign over your head saying 'Look at me and laugh!', especially if you have an embarrassing experience. Yet the chances are that nobody is looking at you that closely. They've got their minds on other things. And if you do have an embarrassing experience, laugh it off. People will soon forget about it.


Positive Self-Image

Self-consciousness may have its roots in a low self-image. Perhaps you fret that you aren't attractive enough or don't have anything interesting to say at parties. So work on improving your self-image. Give yourself some praise and credit for your abilities and good qualities.

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It Hasn't Happened

We may also be self-conscious because we are concerned that we might somehow make a fool of ourselves, or that something will go wrong. There's something rather silly about this. Why worry about something that hasn't happened and probably won't do? Relax, and tell yourself 'it may never happen.'



It's also common to feel self-conscious when you have an important event or a public speech coming up. One way to get round this is to practise beforehand. Rehearsing a speech or interview allows you to feel more familiar with the situation you're facing. It won't then feel quite so daunting when the real event happens.

Self-consciousness is understandable, but often prevents us from enjoying ourselves. It may even make us avoid situations altogether. That's a shame, so don't let self-consciousness get the better of you. Work on reducing your shyness, embarrassment or reserve. What kind of situations make you feel self-conscious?

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I often feel like my boyfriend thinks im ugly

i feel the same way, and i'm really shy.

Great tips! :)

I'm not pretty but that doesn't bother me. failure is my worry. I fear I'll try and look stupid failing and be laughed at. That I won't be able to carry off the crazy, outre things in my head.

I have felt like this a lot! I'm definitely going to start practicing some of your tips ...thanks for the post

Great tips im allways feels very insecure of my self even tho people tell me I look fine or Watever just everyone starring at me gets me really anxious and nervous like what if somebody doesn't like me and they tell there friends then they don't like me ughh that drive me crazy that's why I'll just stay home and be me alone

@Aisha1995 i feel the same way. I sometimes feels like the most beautiful girl everr. Then the next minute i think twice like omg i must be hideous then i remember well when i see people all the time and stare them maybe they feel as i do if u noticed we all just stare at each other and judge each other based on looks but i always try to remember what can i do to be the best. So we shouldnt feel that way we should just try to do what makes us feel better. What ever works to keep us confident :)

Its so weird but my percepetion of myself changes all the time, like every hour. I could feel super pretty and smart at 7PM and then feel ugly and worthless at 8PM. (Its an example btw) .. I also feel like I cant be pretty if im not wearing makeup or if I dont have my hair extensions on :( Deep down I know Im not ugly but I always have this doubt in the back of my head.. I feel like im never good enough, smart enough, pretty enough etc.. So far nothing has helped me and I've been dealing with this since I was 13 and i'm 18 now.. Help pleeease :(

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