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There are lots of scenarios where appearing confident really makes a difference, so I’ve come up with 7 effective ways to look more confident in your everyday life. Learning how to look more confident is beneficial in getting ahead at work and school, negotiating a good deal on a purchase or meeting your honey’s family for the first time. Appearing and actually being more confident are two different things, but if you can come off as cool as a cucumber, you’ve won half the battle!

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Stop Slouching

An easy way to look more confident is to stop slouching and develop good posture. It can be a hard habit to get into if you’ve been slouching for years but it can be done! Do postural exercises daily to practice. If you have poor posture from back problems, be sure to ask your doctor about ways you can improve your posture. Bad posture makes you look unsure and intimidated, so use your body language to work in your favor!



What does smiling have to do with how to look more confident, you ask? Smiling can show others that you are friendly, sure of yourself and happy. No matter where you are, if you want to exude confidence, give others a strong smile. Even if you’re scared stiff of giving a presentation, giving off confident vibes can help you get through it!


Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact with others might be the single most important way to look confident. You can stand straight and give out tons of smiles, but if you’re looking down or shifting your eyes, it kills all the other work you did to look more poised! Don’t be afraid to look someone in the eyes; doing so only works in your favor and you can command attention from the other person!


Speak Confidently

Something you want to avoid if you’re looking for ways to look more confident is to preface your statements with apologies. Even if you’re not totally sure about how people will receive your suggestion or statement, don’t lead with a disclaimer. If you don’t speak confidently, you’re basically inviting others to disregard your comments. We know you have lots of important and intelligent things to say, so make yourself heard!


Accept Compliments

When you're trying to appear more confident, don’t forget to accept compliments gracefully! If you dismiss or debate compliments, it’s like saying to the other person that you really aren’t all that and that they’re wrong for admiring something about you! Excuse me, you are all that, so thank them for noticing your fabulous-ness!


Walk the Walk

If you want to know an easy way to look more confident, strut your stuff! You certainly don’t have to walk around your office with any of your America’s Next Top Model moves, but you can walk with confidence anywhere! Smile, stand straight and look at people in the eyes while you walk, and you’re sure to look assertive yet approachable!


Dress the Part

Look confident by dressing well and dressing the part of a confident person. Think of confident people in your life, whether it’s an instructor, co-worker or family member, then think about how they dress. They might not have the most expensive clothes or have supermodel figures but they dress well and are very well put together. Take the time to look nice rather than just throwing a quick outfit together. Accessorize, make sure your clothes are pressed and pay attention to the little details!

There are lots of easy ways to look more confident and incorporate these tips into your everyday routine. Looking more confident can help you feel more confident, so these small but powerful tips can help you to achieve confidence too! Do you have any tips on how to look more confident? What do you do to help you look more confident during challenging times?

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6.) "Walk like there are three men behind you."

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