7 Top Tips for Revamping Your Resume when Changing Careers ...


If you're thinking about changing careers, it's essential that you look closely at your resume, also known as curriculum vitae in the UK, to ensure that it's going to work for you in this career transition, so there are some top tips for revamping your resume that will have you standing out in the career changing crowd. There are some important things to remember at this exciting (and sometimes a little daunting) time of career changing and it's important to ensure that your resume can make you shine, so here are some tips for revamping your resume.

1. Skills Sets

One of the most important things to remember when revamping your resume is to look at the skills sets which are required of you. It's a good idea to do your research and read up on the skills required for the new career you would like to move into. Look online or at job listings to see exactly what they're asking for as more often than not, you probably have a large proportion of the skills they're looking for. Make sure you sell yourself that way.

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