7 Top Home Fragrances That'll Transform Your House ...


7 Top Home Fragrances That'll Transform Your House ...
7 Top Home Fragrances That'll Transform Your House ...

There is no question that when you have guests over, the appearance of your home is important, but so is the smell so there is nothing better than adding some home fragrances. As essential as the look of your home is, the smell is just as significant. You shouldn’t neglect the other senses when decorating your home. Smell may be a huge factor in creating a welcoming environment for you to come home to after school or work or when having friends and family over. Believe it or not, scents can greatly affect your mood too, so why not do something as easy as adding some amazing home fragrances to boost your spirits.

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Henri Bendel- Coconut Flower Signature Candle

Henri Bendel- Coconut Flower Signature Candle An exotic escape lies ahead in your own home with the scent of the Coconut Flower Candle as one of many offered home fragrances. The notes of juicy mango and fresh papaya mingle and mesh with creamy coconut. The warm musk and the Tahitian vanilla will bring you on the vacation you want and island of your choice just by lighting the candle in the comfort of your own home. The delicious smell will sweep you off of your feet. The scent alone will make the day lazy and sun-filled, while the night is lit up by the moon and stars along the seashore. The Coconut Flower Signature Candle is also available as a travel candle so if you really do have the opportunity to travel, you’ll be able to take the addictive smell with you! The estimated burn time is approximately 60 hours.


Indulge your senses and elevate your living space with the luxurious aroma of this candle. Ideal for setting a tropical ambiance, the Henri Bendel Coconut Flower Signature Candle seamlessly blends sweet and warm fragrances to transport you to a serene beachside retreat. Its sophisticated blend creates the perfect backdrop for unwinding after a long day, or when you want to add a touch of elegance to your home gatherings. Not only does it have a generous burn time to ensure lasting enjoyment, but its chic design also adds to the decor, making it a must-have for those who appreciate the finer details in life.


Jo Malone- Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser

Jo Malone- Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser Jo Malone is always a go to for candles, such as home candles, luxury candles, even travel candles, soaps, creams, and diffusers. Jo Malone is home fragrance central! The Lime Basil and Mandarin diffuser is fresh with Jo Malone’s signature fragrance. The peppery basil and aromatic white thyme together bring a sudden and surprising twist to the scent of limes. The scent is zesty, addictive, and flawless. The scent is extremely powerful and as long as the individual flips the reeds, the scent will stay constantly as forceful. The quality of Jo Malone and the scent that the Lime Basil and Mandarin supply is undeniable.


Molton Brown- Re-charge Black Pepper Forte Candle

Molton Brown- Re-charge Black Pepper Forte Candle I personally love the re-charge black pepper scent by Molton Brown. The smell is powerful, strong, and clean. The fiery black peppercorn oil is blended with bergamot and oakmoss. The single-wick candle delivers a warming scent for the modern home. “Hot. Spicy. Rousing.” That says it all. The way that Molton Brown blends this scent together has a top note of petitgrain, bergamot, and ginger; has a middle note of cedar and lily of the valley; and a base note of musk, amber gris, and vetiver. Molton Brown considers this candle in the fragrance family of spicy.


Creed- Love in White Candle

Creed- Love in White Candle Creed is one of the prominent fragrance companies. The Love in White candle is matched to Creed’s popular Love in White fragrance for women. The candle is a mix of iridescent rice husk, orange zest, jasmine, and iris. Basically just the perfect blend of blossoms, which makes an exclusive yet welcoming aroma. Each Creed candle is hand-poured beeswax. Although not a large in size, the difference it will make in your home is large. It will add such an experience and tone to your home. The brass lids engraved with the Creed crest and the Paris address aren’t just for show, the lid also functions as an extinguisher; dousing the flame neatly and instantly without the after smoke or blown wax.


Millefori- Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser

Millefori- Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser This 8.5 ounce Millefori diffuser has a fragrance that is a mixture of red fruits and sparkling pomegranate. The scent, from Millefori’s Zone Collection, is both delicate and inviting. The life span of the diffuser is quite long, lasting 3 to 4 months. The elegant glass bottle is perfect to keep in your living, bedroom, or bathroom. The exquisite smelling diffuser is made in Italy. If you’re a fruity gal and enjoy a sweet scent the Millefori Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser is definitely the right choice. The sleek white box makes it the perfect gift too!


The Millefori Pomegranate Fragrance Diffuser is a great choice for those looking to add a sweet and inviting scent to their home. The 8.5 ounce diffuser has a life span of 3 to 4 months and is made in Italy. The elegant glass bottle and sleek white box make it the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or bathroom. The diffuser is also a great gift for the fruity gal in your life. The mixture of red fruits and sparkling pomegranate creates a delicate and inviting scent that will fill your home with a pleasant aroma.


Nest- Wasabi Pear Reed Diffuser

Nest- Wasabi Pear Reed Diffuser The Wasabi Pear Reed Diffuser, made by Nest, is a mix of Anjou pear and fresh, ozonic watery notes all infused with the essence of wasabi. Each and every Nest Fragrance diffuser is carefully crafted with the best of best fragrance oils. They are designed to continuously fill your house, apartment, or office with a special, memorable fragrance. Nest diffusers are alcohol-free which means that it releases the fragrance slowly and balanced into the air for about 90 days. Occasionally flip the reeds over to keep your space potent with the delightful smell!


The Wasabi Pear Reed Diffuser from Nest is a perfect choice for anyone looking to add a unique and memorable scent to their home. It is made with the highest quality fragrance oils and is alcohol-free, which means it slowly and evenly releases the scent into the air for up to 90 days. The scent is a mix of Anjou pear, fresh ozonic watery notes, and the essence of wasabi, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in any room. To keep the scent potent, simply flip the reeds over occasionally. With this diffuser, your home will be transformed with a delightful, long-lasting fragrance.


Pottery Barn- Homescent Collection Ocean

Pottery Barn- Homescent Collection Ocean It’s still summer so what is better than an oceanic homescent from Pottery Barn. The home scent features a crispy marine scent. The marine scent notes a salt spray, sea grass, violet leaf, driftwood, and aquatic musk. This scent is perfect for your beach home, your floating home (a boat), and everything in between. Especially for the summer, this would be the perfect gift to bring to a friend’s barbeque or dinner party. If you are traveling, this summer scent is available in a 3-ounce fragrant oil with eight diffuser sticks. This means that it will be allowed to be taken through an airport and on an airplane. If staying local, the 9.75-ounce is available. The bigger, the better, the more potent!

There are a variety of smells that can be used to make your home welcoming and potent. You have the options of choosing from several categories including floral, woodsy, fresh, musky, and the list of scents continues. A scented candle seems to the most popular type of fragrance and one of the oldest forms of home fragrances, but more products have been added to the market as time has progressed. Diffusers, scented oils, and even wall plug-in scents have been welcomed to the market. Test a variety of types of home fragrances as well as a variety of smells and find which home fragrance fits you! What is your favorite home fragrance?

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