7 Ways to Scent Your Home ...


7 Ways to Scent Your Home ...
7 Ways to Scent Your Home ...

Ways To Scent Your Home can range from inexpensive and easy to homemade resources, but the bottom line is that you choose the one that works for you! I love scenting my home and these 7 different ways to scent your home that I'm about to share with you are my personal favorites! You've heard the expression "A man's home is his castle", right? Well, I am a firm believer that in order to relax in your "castle", it should smell as inviting and relaxing as it looks. So read on for some great ideas and ways to scent your home!

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Candles are one of my absolute favorite ways to scent your home of all time! I have at least 3 candles in every room of my house! If you have pets or small children, this may not be the best option for you, but never fear! There are plenty of pet/child-friendly ways to scent your home further into my article, so keep reading!


Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are a mess free and low maintenance way to scent your home. I love oil diffusers because not only are they effective in distributing scent throughout your home, but they double as cute room decor too! Oil diffusers range in sizes and colors, so choose one that suits your preference. I've even seen them as large as 3 feet tall!


Scent Releasers

One of the easiest ways to scent your home for women on the go these days are scent releasers! You've probably seen them at your local grocery store. You simply place them on your walls, preferably high enough that pets and small children can't reach them, and then sit back and enjoy as fresh scent is released throughout your home! Some scent releasers can be plugged into electrical outlets for a warming effect.


Air Fresheners

I like to keep a bottle of air freshener handy all the time. Spray air fresheners are a quick and effective way to scent your home when you are in a big hurry or don't have time to light candles. I love air fresheners for small areas like trash bins, shoe closets, bathrooms and cabinets. They don't get much air circulation, so periodically its necessary to freshen those places up with a sweet smell!


Baked Goods

Perhaps one of the oldest and most beloved ways to scent your home is by baking something yummy in the kitchen! With the holidays coming on, there will be nothing like the scent of fresh bread, warm cookies or sweet pie wafting through your home! Out of all the ways to scent your home, I can promise this will be a favorite by all who enter!


Homemade Scents

If you have severe allergies and can't handle the strong scents that most store-bought options will have, you can make your own homemade air freshener! It's simple: You just mix 1 part vanilla with 5 parts water and place it in a small pot on your stovetop. Turn the burner onto low and wait for a lovely scent to fill your home! You can do this with any essential oil as well. This is also a great choice for the health and/or budget conscious!


Cleaning Products

This may sound strange, but cleaning products are one of the best ways to scent your home! You can choose from a number of different scents and when you use them in your home, the scent will linger, leaving your home smelling fresh, lemony, flowery, or whatever scent you would like! Floor cleaning products can especially leave behind a good punch of scent because floors cover a large area. Try a carpet freshening powder before you vacuum or a mopping solution that smells great!

There you have it, 7 Ways To Scent Your Home!! And most, if not all of these are very affordable and easy! I hope that you've been inspired with some great ways to scent your home after reading my article! Please comment below if you have any fabulous ways to scent your home that you'd love to share with us!

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