7 Tips to Help You Sign with an Acting Agency ...


If you are looking for tips on how to sign with an acting agency, look no further! It doesn't matter if you live outside of Los Angeles, CA, if acting is your aspiration there are ways to find work. Before I moved to Los Angeles, I lived in San Antonio. There wasn't a ton of acting jobs there but I did my research and found a local agency. It gave me a chance to get my feet wet on stage and film and also hone my craft in classes. By the time I moved to LA, I was more than ready to sign with an acting agency and you will be too.

1. Passion

You will need to have passion to sign with an acting agency because it's a tough business to be a part of. It isn't the type of field that has a sure path you can follow to ensure success, so you have to have something driving you to stick with it. When you meet with agents they will be able to tell if you love acting or just want to be famous. Of course, there are some agents who will sign you if you just want to be famous, but be willing to do all kinds of ridiculous things if that's what you're truly seeking.

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