7 Tips on How to Ignore Something That's Bothering You ...


I know it can be pretty hard to learn how to ignore something or even someone who’s been bothering you, especially if they play an important part in your life. Ignoring something or someone is never easy, but with a bit of practice and with a lot of patience, you’ll be able to achieve this goal and not let it affect you (especially emotionally). In order to change something, you should start with changing yourself first and the way you look at things. I really love Ram Mohan’s advice who said: “When you end up in a fight with someone, make sure you don’t carry the feeling next day because if you do so, you allow a part of yourself to remember ignoring and hating someone unimportant each time you wake up.”. Here are a few, in my opinion, very helpful tips on how to ignore something that is bothering you:

1. Realize Why That Thing Bothers You

The first thing you should do if you want to learn how to ignore something that is bothering you is to realize why exactly that thing bothers you in the first place. Could it be your fault? Are you over-reacting or is that thing (or even person) really getting on your nerves? Could you do anything else than ignoring it in order to feel happy? Try to understand the real reasons for not liking a situation, a thing or a person before you decide you need to ignore it to get on with your life.

You Can Only Change Yourself
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