7 Tips for Picking the Right Puppy from a Litter ...


So you've decided that you have the time, money, and patience that is needed to raise a puppy. Great! Hopefully you've also researched different breeds and found the perfect one that fits your lifestyle, whether it's a mixed or pure bred. Now comes the best part, picking the right puppy from a litter! Just like people, every puppy has a different personality and temperament. Choosing the right puppy can help guarantee that you will both fit into each others lives perfectly. To help you make the best choice, here are 7 tips for picking the right puppy from a litter!

1. Observe First

At first, watch the puppies in the litter without disturbing them. Look to see how each puppy interacts with each other. It can be hard to resist wanting the shy puppy in the corner with the big sad eyes. However, you’re best to avoid this type of puppy, especially if they are going to be around kids. This kind of puppy often has anti-social tendencies which can lead to biting out of fear. On the other hand, the dominant, pushy pup is not the best choice either when picking a puppy. This particular pup is likely to grow into a dog that wants to be the boss and leader of your family. For first time dog owners and people who have children, it is suggested that you find the "middleman" puppy, or the puppy that isn't overly dominant or overly submissive.

Energy Level
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