7 Tips for Dealing with Your Inner Introvert ...


I’ve been an introvert since birth,and most people don’t know how easy dealing with your inner introvert can be. In fact, introverts aren’t anti-social like most people think. They’re simply more drawn to spending more alone time, and enjoy small doses of social settings instead of constant ones. Extroverts get their energy from lots of social events and thrive off more social settings. The two are completely opposite, yet good in different ways. I, for example, thrive off lots of alone time, but love getting together with people in small doses, but parties, club scenes and day long events out in social settings just aren’t my thing. However, I do love embracing cultural settings, doing things indepently, and a night at home with a book, my laptop or a good TV show are never a disappointment. Over the years, I’ve learned how dealing with your inner introvert can not only make you happier, but also help you learn to appreciate yourself just the way you are.

1. Appreciate It

The first tip of all in learning how to deal with your inner introvert is to appreciate it! It’s not necessarily a bad thing and instead of thinking you should be more social, just appreciate that you’re able to spend time alone and enjoy it. It doesn’t make you a hermit, but you simply generate your energy from alone time, rather than social time. And that’s perfectly okay!

Challenge It
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