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After the recent 'Women Against Feminism' online campaign, I wanted to take the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about feminism. This is largely because I feel that it's a term I, as a woman, don't own anymore. Rather, I feel like I'm told, by both men and women, how I should feel, what I should do and what feminism should mean to me. Whilst I class myself as a feminist - of course I do - I don't like this. So, if you feel the same or catch yourself feeling guilty for not believing in something you feel you should, here are 7 thoughts about feminism you can have and still be a feminist.

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It's OK Not to 'get It'

If you asked a group of women for their thoughts about feminism, I doubt you would get the same answers. Feminism isn't easily defined, probably because it means something slightly different to everyone. To me, it means equal rights for women all over the world and a fight against the objectification of women in daily life and the media. That's what I want to fight for. If your definition of feminism doesn't fit in with that, that's OK. If your definition of feminism doesn't fit in with the famous writer who's revered by feminists everywhere, that is also OK.


I Am a Woman, Not a Feminist

Because there is so much debate surrounding the term itself, I know a lot of women who don't want to class themselves as a feminist - or, at least, they don't want that to define them. And that is OK. But it doesn't mean you're against feminism. What woman could possibly argue against, for example, equal rights and pay? It's the term and the stereotype you're objecting to, not the issues.


Men Will Judge Me if I Say I'm a Feminist

I know a lot of men who automatically assume an idea, often negative or slightly mocking, of you in their minds if you say you're a feminist. This isn't right but it is sadly true. I know that admitting you're scared of saying you're a feminist because you're worried about what a man will think goes against the very idea of feminism. Unfortunately, that's how it is. However, it's also one thing that you really can't let affect you.


Women Will Judge Me for My Beliefs

Unfortunately, this works the other way, too and personally, I think it's even worse. It's by no means a united movement and you don't know whether you'll have someone's support or their condemnation. If that puts you off openly sharing your opinions on the subject, I, for one, understand your reasons.


Does It Really Affect Me?

I know a lot of women don't identify themselves as feminists because they don't feel the need to. They're not oppressed and they're not discriminated against. That's wonderful. If you don't feel like a victim, I don't see why you should act like one. But the fact is, there are women all over the world who aren't granted even the basest of human rights - and that is why we still need feminism.


I like Men, so Can I Be a Feminist?

I noticed that a lot of women (in the anti-feminism campaign) said that they liked men so therefore they weren't feminists. That's completely ridiculous - of course you can be a feminist and still like men!


I Don't Want to Be Told What to do

I feel like I am told, by some women with feminist beliefs, the way I should feel, the views I should have and the way I should live. I can't be the only one who feels this and until that judgement is gone, until women are allowed to live exactly as they want - whether that's as a single woman without children in her forties and a married stay-at-home mum in her early twenties - it will be a concept that divides as many women as it unites.

I did feel nervous writing this as I know how inflammatory anything on the topic can be. I just feel that most women are middle-of-the-road - not anti-feminists but not actively campaigning - and I think there should be more out there to reflect that. How do you feel about feminism?

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Also on #3...living in a conservative part of the country, every now and then you'll hear feminists being judged in a religious sense, as though it's inherently against God to believe that way. I'm no scholar, but if I understand it correctly the verses they use as "proof" are usually taken out of context. Like I said, it's not heard very often, but it's another kind of "judgement".

@missalliedee Exactly :-) I agree!!

Hate feminists, wouldn't mind running one over :) i am a computer programmer and work mostly with all men, never was treated badly, instead they buy me coffee every morning :)

Bonbon that's rude

I agree that people should celebrate women's achievements and I support equal rights, but feminism is only a good thing when you're not putting men down. That's what people mean when they say they're against feminism. Not against women's rights. Against putting men down to lift women up.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a feminist! Mostly (note I say MOSTLY) all feminists believe in encouraging and empowering other women, so women who have the same major ideas should not be judged by other women for different opinions or thoughts from the other...for me, what matters is that we need to be treated equally!

Feminism is equal rights for all genders though. It is targeted towards women because we are the oppressed.

I think the reason why here is confusion as so called democracy has tried to cloud what feminism truly is! Feminism is not something to be feared, it's to be embraced and respected

#7 Actually, I think that telling you how you should feel is the antithesis of feminism...meaning, the whole idea I think the earlier waves of feminism had was that they thought women be allowed to think and do for themselves as opposed to having someone else try to do it for them. And now the types you mention in number 7 are doing exactly that-telling you what to think, as though they're thinking for you. Same concept, just a different person doing the "telling". Do what you want to do, think what you want to think. If someone really believes in women's equality, they won't mind.

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