This Russian Artists Sketches Will Have You Searching for Your Pencils Stat ...

By Jennifer

This Russian Artists Sketches Will Have You Searching for Your Pencils Stat ...

If you love the magic and sweetness of fairy tales, then you'll adore Russian artist Lia Selina's beautiful sketches, so much in fact they'll have you running for your own pencils and sketchpad. They're just so lovely... prepare to swoon a little...

Table of contents:

  1. unicorn
  2. tiny fairy
  3. springtime
  4. inspiration
  5. blackbird
  6. chubby squirrel
  7. bunny with a basket
  8. bunny in crocuses
  9. the owl
  10. owl in a sweater
  11. raccoon
  12. my pet narwhal
  13. spring fairy
  14. wolves
  15. cozy!
  16. beaver
  17. another animal friend
  18. the fox
  19. winter magic
  20. mr. moose
  21. fall

1 Unicorn

Unicorn I love that she's shared an in-progress image... I can't wait to see this sketch when it's done!

2 Tiny Fairy

Tiny Fairy

3 Springtime


4 Inspiration

Inspiration Those flowers look like Lily of the Valley.

5 Blackbird


6 Chubby Squirrel

Chubby Squirrel

7 Bunny with a Basket

Bunny with a Basket

8 Bunny in Crocuses

Bunny in Crocuses

9 The Owl

The Owl

10 Owl in a Sweater

Owl in a Sweater

11 Raccoon


12 My Pet Narwhal

My Pet Narwhal

13 Spring Fairy

Spring Fairy

14 Wolves


15 Cozy!


16 Beaver


17 Another Animal Friend

Another Animal Friend Skunk? Badger? Not sure.

18 The Fox

The Fox Oh, I love his expression!

19 Winter Magic

Winter Magic

20 Mr. Moose

Mr. Moose

21 Fall

Fall To see more of Lia's work, follow her on Instagram at @liaselina.

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