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This is Exactly What You Should do if Your Best Friend Moves Away ...

By Alison

Finding out that your best friend is moving away comes as an awful shock. You may have grown up together, and spend a lot of your spare time together. But even the closest friends sometimes end up on different paths, sometimes because of work or personal choices. It's sad to think that you won't be able to meet up easily, and can feel as though your familiar world is changing. Here is what you should do if your best friend moves away

1 Respect Their Choices

However upset you are that your friend is leaving, don't try to influence them and change their mind. Respect their choices and avoid criticising their decision. They have to do what is right for them, not what you would prefer them to do. It's hard to let them go, but that's life - sometimes we have to say goodbye to people we love.

2 Plan to Meet up

Make firm plans on when you're next going to meet up. If distance means that it won't be soon, start saving up and decide on when you will be able to get together. It's something to look forward to, so make it happen; don't just talk vaguely about going to visit one day.

3 Talk Online

It's so easy to stay in contact with friends who move away. You can easily have a video conversation on Skype or another platform. So try to talk regularly with your friend; although it's not the same as having coffee or evenings out, it does feel good to be able to see their face as you talk online.

4 Make Other Friends

If you've become overly reliant on your best friend, their moving away gives you the opportunity to find new friends. Don't think about following them to their new home - that would make you look a bit like a stalker! Focus on finding some new activities and building up your circle of friends, so that you're not too dependent on one person alone.

5 Be Positive

Try to be positive about your friend's move. See it as a positive step for them. Perhaps it's a job opportunity that's taking them away, in which case you should be pleased for them and encourage them to make the most of their new opportunity. And you'll be able to visit them, which will be great fun, especially if they move somewhere exciting to visit.

6 Look at Your Own Life

Perhaps this is also a good opportunity to evaluate your own life and see if you need to shake anything up. Where would you like your life to go? Could you make a move of your own? Do you need a change of scenery or career? We can get stuck in a rut without even noticing, so it's good to make a change every now and then.

7 Outlived?

Finally, sad as it may seem, you can outgrow some friendships. It may in time become clear that one or both of you isn't going to make that much effort to keep in touch. If that happens, don't be too sad; sometimes you need to clear out the old and make room for the new.

Living in a different city (or even country) from your best friend is sad, but you can keep in touch so easily these days. Do you think you can have more than one best friend?

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