Awesome Things Single Girls 👱🏿 👱 Can do That Don't Need a Man 🚷 ...


Our society places such a strong emphasis on relationships. However, being single can be just as much fun as being part of a couple. You don't actually need a man in order to do all of the things that you dream about doing. In fact, here are a few other things that you don't need a man to do:

1. Go out on Dates

No one will judge you for going to the movie theater alone. As a former crew member, I can guarantee you that the workers aren't going to judge you. Plus, once you get inside, it's going to be so dark that no other movie goers will be able to see that you're alone. That means no one will realize that you're single, and even if they do, what's the difference?

Hang out with Your Couple Friends
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