7 Magic Phrases for Girls Who Want to Be More Likeable ...


7 Magic Phrases for Girls Who Want to Be More Likeable ...
7 Magic Phrases for Girls Who Want to Be More Likeable ...

Some of us can come across as selfish, even when we genuinely care about others. That's why you have to be careful about what you say. If the wrong words come out of your mouth, you could make a new enemy. However, if you make it a habit to say the following phrases, everyone in your life will start to like you even more than they already do:

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How Can I Help?

It's always nice to have a helping hand around. If you see your friend struggling to prepare for a party or a coworker struggling to make the boss happy, ask them how you can help. Most people would just say, "Do you need help," which is a question that people tend to turn down, even if they really do need the assistance. That's why you should ask them exactly how you could help, so that they have no choice but to accept your assistance.


I’ll Find out for You

It doesn't matter if a customer asks you a question about your sales or if your brother asks you about his homework. If you don't know the answer, don't apologize and walk away. Instead, you should tell them that you'll find out for them. Most people wouldn't care enough to search for the answers to the questions they're asked. That's why you'll be extra likable if you go out of your way to find out information for your friends and family.


Taking the initiative to seek out answers not only shows your dedication but also your compassionate nature. In a world bustling with information, the willingness to dive in and do research for someone else reflects a golden heart—and people remember the effort. It makes a lasting impression that you're not just present, but truly involved in their lives. This level of care and attention establishes deeper connections and, as you become their go-to person for insights, your likeability soars sky-high.


I Appreciate It

When your boyfriend buys you dinner or a worker looks up a product for you, it's easy to forget to say thank you, because they're just doing what they always do. However, people love to be recognized for the work they do. So the next time someone does something to help you out, tell them you appreciate it, even if they're just doing their job.


It's the little things that can light up someone's day—an enchanted sparkle you can easily create with a genuine "I appreciate you." This doesn't just apply to those nearest and dearest, but also to the barista who remembers your coffee order, or the colleague who covers for you when you need to step out. It costs nothing but means everything. Remember, sending out appreciation is like casting a charming spell; it tends to come back to you in wondrous ways. So sprinkle that gratitude like confetti, and watch how your likeability blooms in its wake.


I Understand

When a friend is dealing with a death or a breakup, they hear "I'm sorry" from everyone that they come across. They probably hear "It'll be okay" often too, even if it's not the truth. That's why you should start saying "I understand" when a friend talks to you about how upset they are. Don't make them any false promises and don't belittle their feelings. Just let them know that you're there for them and you understand how they're feeling.


Using I understand shows a deep level of empathy and can significantly strengthen your connection with someone. It's a phrase that conveys your willingness to share in their pain without judgment and without attempting to fix their problem immediately. It tells them that their feelings are acknowledged and respected. Often, what people need most is to feel heard and to know that someone else recognizes the weight of their experience. By saying I understand, you offer comfort in the simplest, yet most profound way.


I'm Here if You Need to Talk

If you see that your friend is upset, don't push them to tell you what's wrong. It might get them angry and it might push them away. That's why you should just remind them that you're always willing to hear them vent. When the time is right, they'll open up to you.


Offering a sympathetic ear can sometimes mean the world to someone who is struggling. Take note of their comfort level — if they shy away from the topic, it's a signal to step back. But, keep the invitation open and judgment-free. When they feel ready, they'll appreciate your genuine concern and the safe space you've offered. Remember, being a good listener is often more about providing a shoulder to lean on than about offering solutions or advice. Your presence and understanding can be the ultimate balm for their troubles.


I Believe in You

If your boyfriend wants to be an artist, you can't promise him that he'll be successful one day. However, you can remind him that you believe in him. It's important for a person to know that their loved ones support them, so don't forget to use this reassuring phrase.


Your encouragement can act as the wind beneath his wings. Telling him, “I believe in you,” isn’t just about the end goal—it’s about valuing his passion and drive. Celebrate his small victories and be there during his setbacks. Let him know that his journey matters as much as the destination, and that you'll be by his side through thick and thin. This kind of unwavering faith can sometimes make all the difference between him pressing on or giving up.


I Love Hanging out with You

Even if you see your best friend every single day, they could worry about how annoying they are. That's why it helps to remind them that you love spending time with them. After all, there's nothing holding you back from giving them compliments, so you might as well distribute them as often as you can.

It feels nice to be nice, which is why you should add these phrases to your vocabulary. Do you say any of these phrases on a daily basis?

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I say most of those (:

the tips apply not just to women

I agree with Kris and Angeline. It's my pet peeve whenever I'm going through a hard time (or anyone else is, for that matter) and then someone tries to comfort them by putting the pity on themselves. Even if they're not TRYING to have a "pity me"-off, it sounds like that's what they're doing when they say, "I understand," or, "I get it."

When I was in eighth grade my best friends boyfriend killed himself and the family was blaming her cause they had just broken up. I remember after she ran out of class upset I gave her a hug and said "I don't know if it's going to be okay, so I won't tell you that. But I do know that I am here for you no matter what." Ever since then, it's what I tell people because it just feels more genuine than "I'm sorry."

Yes I do. You really are more likable when you are friendly and genuinely care

Sympathy is the best policy, it's just being polite!

I tend to say the 4th point a lot and it doesn't seem to work. No one actually believes that I understand their situation because I'm not them. *sigh*

Exactly Kris, Angeline and Elizabeth Lowe. Maybe instead of saying "it's okay" or "I understand" or even "it'll be alright" you could just say "I'm here for you" or maybe "let it all out, I'm all ears" . Simply stating your mind is much better than agreeing or instilling someone with false confidence (people may think your just nudging them on to continue with the conversation and get onto the next topic).The outcome will almost always be better if you are 100% truthful and honest.

Ha ha .... Seriously be real , who gives s shut about being nice or not ... Keep it REAL boo

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