7 Things Worth Knowing about Your Cat That May Surprise You ...


There are so many things worth knowing about your cat, because they are such interesting and complex creatures. Most cat owners will know the basics about their furry friends, but there are plenty of other things worth knowing about your cat, some of which may come as a surprise.

1. Types of Purr

The fact that different purrs mean different things is definitely one of the things worth knowing about your cat. The ordinary purr you hear, the non-solicitation purr, is typically associated with contentment but can signify other strong emotions too. It can vary in volume, but is typically quite even and not too fast. The solicitation purr means that your cat wants something, and you may hear it at feeding time. It’s much less even, often with fast bursts and is at the same frequency as a baby’s cry, tapping right into our natural instincts to love and nurture.

Scent Glands
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