10 Things Women Always Have to do to Be Safe ...


10 Things Women Always Have to do to Be Safe ...
10 Things Women Always Have to do to Be Safe ...

Women know how important it is to be safe when you're out and about. Some situations require more diligence than others, but you always have to be aware of what's going on, what you're doing, and where you are. It's sad, it's unfortunate, and it's ugly, but it's life.

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Keep One Earbud out of Your Ear when Running

person, photograph, photography, painting, portrait photography, You need to be able to hear if anyone or anything comes up behind you. Vehicles and bikes are concerning. Aggressive dudes are annoying. Potential attackers are worse.


Never Open the Door for Someone You're Not Expecting and Stay Still until the Doorbell Stops Ringing

supernatural creature, darkness, If you have a peephole, use it. If you can safely peek outside, do it.


Check Our Mirrors Frequently While Driving and Note Things That Are Strange

black, white, person, painting, reflection, Part of this is common driving safety, of course, but it's more than that, especially if you're in a parked car, if you're stopped at a red light or a stop sign, or if you're in an area you don't know.


Never Leave a Drink Unattended at a Party

person, gambling, Thank, you,, alcohol, You simply can't. You don't know what might happen and it really is better to be safe than roofied.


Make Sure You Have Enough Cell Phone Battery Life before Leaving One Location to Last until You Get to Another

person, writing, string instrument, musician, musical instrument, Not because you're addicted to your phone. It's not about social media or Candy Crush. You need your phone for emergency phone calls, you may need to ask for help via text, or you made need to take pictures or record something.


Always Change Direction if a Car Appears to Be following You While You're Walking on Foot

formation, If possible, you also need to head for the nearest crowd, even if it's small. Duck where you can but don't get lost or trapped anywhere. This is also why it's important to switch up exercise routes and bike paths.


Never Meet Your Creepy Landlord, the Cable Guy, or the Electrician by Yourself

black, white, person, painting, model, At the very, very least, have someone on the phone with you or verify that there's a neighbor at home.


Hold Your Keys like a Weapon

black, white, black and white, still life photography, photography, Sometimes you've got to use whatever you have as a weapon in an attack. Grasping your keys between your fingers so you can stab someone with them if need be is a huge safety tip.


Scope out Safe Havens

screenshot, If you feel you're being followed by car or on foot, do NOT go home! Don't allow them to know where you live. Instead, look around for a safe place to go until the person is gone.


Switch Sides of the Street

blond, screenshot, If you feel you're being followed, if it's night and someone is walking towards you, or if you feel a man on the street is drunk, switch to the opposite side to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

How do you keep yourself safe? What precautions do you take?

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Take a self defense course!

If possible leave a number of the person w

Keep yourself safe on airplanes too. Ask to sit beside a female if you prefer, and make sure not to take any intense sleep aids.


Good info!

Never go into a car with a stranger if you are having car trouble, no matter how helpful they may seem to be

Thank you so much for this post! Now this is what is extremely helpful for women out there.

Good tips 👍🏼

These are good for everyone to stay safe. Another tip, when parking your car at night, try to park under or near to street light if possible. Carry a small torch if and check round the car when approaching it.

Be cautious wherever you are especially when you are in a strange place.

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