7 Things True Friends Don't do ...


There are a lot of things true friends don’t do. An acquaintance is someone who knows little about you and who enjoys your company for a short period of time, while a true friend is someone who loves you and accepts you just the way you are, who encourages you to follow all your dreams and who doesn’t let you give up until you reach all your goals. You know what they say: “A person’s belief system is often a direct reflection of who they spend their time with.” Here are a few things true friends don’t do:

1. They Don’t Gossip behind Your Back

One of the things true friends don’t do is that they never gossip behind your back and they never resort to personal attacks just to get what they want. True friends don’t like unnecessary drama, so if someone who is close to you spreads false rumors about you then they are not really your friend.

They Don’t like Arguments
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