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7 Things to Stop Complaining about and Embrace ...

By Kelly

There are so many things people complain about today. It seems that there is always something wrong and always something to complain about. But I believe that there is always something to be happy about. It is time for everyone to stop complain and start appreciating the things they think they dislike.

1 The Rain

Personally, whenever it starts raining, I get overwhelmed with joy. The rain is so calming and relaxing. And it’s great to fall asleep to. It reminds me of a time when I was younger and it was acceptable for me to put on my bright yellow rain boots and go splash around in puddles. So whenever it’s raining I use it as an excuse to curl up and watch a movie or take a nap to the sounds of raindrops hitting my window.

2 Waking up Early

I am 100% absolutely not a morning person. But recently, I have been trying to wake up early as much as possible. I hate the feeling of sleeping in till noon and feeling like half my day is wasted because I was sleeping. It is pretty rewarding to look at the clock when it is 10 a.m. and realize how much you have accomplished when you probably still would have been sleeping.

3 Being Busy

Being busy can be very stressful (trust me I know) but it can also be a very motivating and worthwhile feeling. When you are busy you have less time to procrastinate and a larger sense of urgency when it comes to getting your work done. And if you genuinely enjoy everything that you are doing, you won’t even realize how much work you have done.

4 Being Cold

As soon as the temperature around here drops below 60 degrees, people start to complain about how gross out it is. But not me. I embrace that cold weather and all the perks that come along with it. The comfy sweaters, the warm Starbucks, and cute pairs of boots. What’s not to love about the cold? And who doesn’t love the first snowfall of the year?

5 Not Having What You Want to Eat in Your Fridge

I have a routine when it comes to deciding what to eat. Open fridge, open cabinets, lower standards and repeat. Whenever I can’t find something that I want in my fridge, I take it as a challenge to create a new culinary masterpiece. I love taking the random ingredients I do have and finding a new delicious way to make a meal out of them.

6 Nothing Good to Watch on TV

I used to hate flipping through the TV channels trying to find something good to watch. I would spend a good 15 minutes of channel surfing before I decided to give it up. But nowadays I realize there are so many other things I could be doing besides watching a show I didn’t like and complaining about it. Read a book, paint your nails, clean your room, or spend time with a friend. Why waste you time doing something you are not enjoying when there are so many better things to be doing with your time.

7 Running Late

For some reason, no matter how much time I give myself to prepare, I am always running late. But I have learned to stop fighting it and embrace it. Unless you are showing up to work or to an interview, who really cares if you are a bit late? I am certain your friend won’t mind if you are 5 minutes late to your lunch date. Or your boyfriend won’t hate you for needing 5 more minutes to get ready to go out. Being fashionably late is fashionable right? So stop stressing if you are running behind schedule and start embracing it.

What things do you complain about? Do you have any complaints you have started to embrace? Do you think you will start embracing these things?

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