7 Things to Look Forward to during Spring ...

It is finally the time to say goodbye to snow, slush, cold winds and freezing weather and focus on things to look forward to during spring. Living in New York this past winter has been quite a struggle; there was snow every other day, strong winds and just a dreary atmosphere encompassing the whole city. I think we’ve had enough of the wintry weather and we are more than ready to leave it behind. On a brighter note, warm weather is finally approaching and so are the many things to look forward to during spring.

1. More Daylight Hours

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One of the most important things to look forward to during spring is the daylight saving time. You can definitely tell the difference when the evenings have more daylight and the mornings have less. This clock adjustment allows fun daily activities to last longer and it contributes to the increase of overall positivity in everyone’s mood. More daylight hours, blooming flowers and chirping birds in the morning, what is there not to love about spring?

2. Spring Fashion

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As much as I love layering up during the winter season, it is nice to finally not have to bulk up on clothing just to feel a tiny bit warmer. We can finally strip off a few layers, whip out our sun dresses, skirts and tunics and chuck all of the winter jackets to the back of our closets. To be honest, there is nothing better than spring fashion. While you can always layer up pieces and even sport light sweaters, you can also slowly get into the summer groove and parade some of your favorite lighter pieces.

3. Spring Movie Releases

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To be honest there were very few genuinely exceptional and moving films this winter season that made me want to visit the movie theater even in the harsh weather. This spring’s movie releases however, are definitely something to look forward to. For example, the much-anticipated premiere of Divergent is right around the corner, plus Captain America, Noah, The Neighbors and The Amazing Spider Man 2 are not that far into the future.

4. Outdoor Activities

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The period of hibernation is over; it is time for us to go explore the world after hiding away and time to lose that chub that we gained over the winter months. With the parks and roads clear of the snow, there is no excuse of staying in! So go out, absorb those rays of sunshine and get your body moving. You will truly be able to tell the difference in your well being, physically and emotionally, once you get a breath of fresh air.

5. Iced Drinks

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While the cold weather never stopped me from enjoying cold drinks or even ice cream once in a while, spring makes it more appropriate to order iced coffee or milkshakes instead of hot chocolate or a cup of hot coffee. Plus instead of staying indoors to enjoy your drink, you can take it on the go and be more productive with your time!

6. Blue Sky and Warmer Weather

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I cannot put into words how glad and content I am about the change in the weather. Having spent the whole winter with a red nose, frozen toes and fingers, I would give up almost anything for a ray of sunshine or clear sky. Fortunately, the weather forecast looks promising and I am sure I am not the only one letting out a sigh of relief!

7. Spring Break

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If you are still in school, spring season means one thing only and that is spring break! You don’t get to properly welcome the spring season until school is put on hold and you are free to roam unfamiliar places with friends and family. So start planning and get yourself ready for what could be one of the most unforgettable spring breaks ever!

Winter definitely had its own perks, but it has outstayed its welcome! While some of you may not even feel the difference between the seasonal changes, most of us are more than excited for more daylight and warmth. What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

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