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Whether you need a new mattress pad because your mattress is old or because your dorm mattress is very uncomfortable, there are key things to consider when buying a mattress pad. Mattress pads are a great way to make an old mattress more comfortable without spending a fortune. That being said, there are a range of styles and prices when it comes to mattress pads. As a result, there are important things to consider when buying a mattress pad.

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One of the first things to consider when buying a mattress pad is how much you are willing to spend. Mattress pads can range in price from twenty dollars to well over a thousand dollars! That is a large price range, so you need to be mindful of your budget when shopping.


Level of Support

In addition to cost, you also need to consider how much support you want from your mattress pad. Some mattress pads do not offer much support, whereas others offer a lot. In general, the more expensive the mattress pad, the more support you will get. Having a supportive mattress pad is important, especially if you have pain issues. However, if you are young and healthy, a soft mattress pad may be all you need.


Different Types of Materials

When you go to buy a mattress pad, you will find that they are made from an array of different materials. There is foam, memory foam, latex, wool, and even gel mattress pads. Foam tends to be the least supportive and least expensive, whereas mattress pads with gel tend to offer more support.


Feather Beds

Another type of mattress topper to consider is a feather bed. Feather beds are lightweight and soft. They regulate body temperature very well. If you get hot at night, you may want to think about a feather bed. They can be expensive. However, if you like a soft mattress topper, a feather bed may be what you are looking for.



If you have allergies, that may limit you to what type of mattress pad you can purchase. Obviously, a feather bed will not be an option if you are allergic to down. Likewise, if you have a latex allergy, latex mattress pads are not for you. In these instances, mattress pads made from synthetic materials are probably your best bet.



If you do choose a mattress pad made with synthetic materials, you need to be aware of off-gassing. Off-gassing occurs when the chemicals that synthetic mattress pads are made from are released into the air. Some people are very sensitive to these chemicals, which is why it is important to air out synthetic mattress pads before you use them. Off-gassing does occur for the life of the mattress pad, but airing it out will help with the initial smell.


How Long do You Want It to Last?

If you want your mattress pad to last for a while, you are better off spending a little more money for a better quality product. Twenty dollar eggshell mattress pads have a short life span. However, a good mattress pad can last several years.

If you are thinking about getting a mattress pad for your bed, thinking about all of these things will help you get the best mattress pad for your situation. Hopefully, when you do get your mattress pad, not only will you have one that fits within your budget, you will also have one that helps you sleep much more comfortably. What kind of mattress pad do you prefer?

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