7 Things I Wish I Knew in High School ...


Ahh, my teenage years, full of so much regret, and so many things I wish I knew in high school. There are few ages, if any, that rival these for sheer awkwardness, embarrassment and confusion. Sorry. But a lot of things that seemed to me like THE END OF THE WORLD at school don't matter at all now. So, here are the things I wish I knew I high school; could have saved myself some embarrassment if I had.

1. Mean Girls Will Always Be Mean Girls

This was one of the things I wish I knew in high school, when I was at the mercy of all those people who teased me, and had the power to totally ruin my day with just one cruel comment. But what I know now - those horrible, mean people who think it’s funny to pick on other people? They're still horrible people, and they probably still do it. But you? You're the one who will change. The only thing that stays the same? You'll always be better than that.

But Popular Girls Won't Always Be Popular
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