These Are Most Awesome Wildlife Photographs of the Year


These Are Most Awesome Wildlife  Photographs of the Year
These Are Most Awesome Wildlife  Photographs of the Year

The Natural History Museum in London, 🇬🇧 is recognized as one of the world's greatest museums and is probably unsurpassed for its fauna 🦍 and flora 🌺 exhibits. Every year it holds a competition to find the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 📷 🤴 and receives a host of stunning entries. This is the 52nd year of the competition and here's a selection of the fantastic 50,000+ entries vying for the title:

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Dinner Time

bird, beak, vertebrate, wildlife, fauna, Termite tossing by William Kruger from South Africa

The Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbill was photographed in Transfrontier Park, South Africa.



mammal, vertebrate, primate, fauna, langur, Golden Relic by Dhyey Shah from India

There are fewer than 2,500 mature adult Gee's Golden Langurs left in the wild, mainly living in Northeastern India (Assam) and Bhutan, Gee’s golden langurs are endangered. They also find sanctuary near to a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, which is where this one was spotted.


Real Life Fairies

sky, night, light, darkness, moonlight, Swarming under the stars by Imre Potyo from Hungary

The chaotic flight of mayflies near Hungary’s River Rába. They emerge from their larvae cocoons, mate close to the water's surface and then soar into the sky.


Net Gain

ocean, marine mammal, sea, Splitting the Catch by Audun Rikardsen from Norway

Sometimes it’s the fishing boats that look for the killer whales and humpbacks and sometimes it's the other way round. They're all hoping to locate the shoals of herring that migrate to the Arctic Norwegian waters.


Let Me in

black, black and white, photography, close up, monochrome photography, Playing Pangolin by Lance Van Der Vyver from New Zealand

The armour-plated scales of the Temminck's Ground Pangolin are enough to foil the attempts to eat it by the lions of Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve in South Africa.


Pick Me

habitat, coral reef, marine biology, reef, natural environment, Collective Courtship by Scott portelli from Australia

The spawning grounds of the Giant Cuttlefish are almost a brawl as males - who vastly outnumber females - compete with for attention with mesmerising displays of changing skin colour, texture and pattern.


Nest Building

nature, bird, flora, flower, fauna, Thistle Plucker by Isaac Aylward from the UK

Shot in Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, the linnet pulls off florets from purple knapweed, discarding the little seed parachutes to eat the seeds.


A Master of Camouflage

marine biology, biology, fish, The Disappearing Fish by Iago Leonardo from Spain

The Lookdown Fish uses uses special platelets in its skin cells to reflect polarised light to make itself almost invisible to predators and potential prey.


black and white, invertebrate, darkness, monochrome, monochrome photography, Crystal Precision by Mario Ceo from Spain

A beautiful shot of a Common Pipistrelle Bat leaving its roost in a derelict house in Salamanca, Spain, to go hunting.


What's Going on?

mammal, vertebrate, wildlife, dog like mammal, fox, Nosy Neighbor by Sam Hobson from the UK

The photographer lives in Bristol, aka UK's Fox City due to the large numbers of urban foxes.

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Very intresting specaily no.8

These are incredible! I love them all.

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