The 6 Worst πŸ‘Ž Places for Tattoos πŸ’‰ According to πŸ“ Tattoo Artists 🎨 ...


I’ll start by saying that tattoos are a really personal thing, individual to each different person and filled with various meanings. I’ll finish by saying that no matter how personal your tattoo idea is, there’s no doubting that there are good places to get it and bad places to get it! How about taking some advice from professionals before making a decision that is permanent? Here are the six worst places for tattoos according to tattoo artists.

1. Abdomen

It’s no surprise that when you get pregnant, your stomach takes a bit of a beating! There’s nothing wrong with that, childbirth is a beautiful thing, but in terms of paying a lot of money for a detailed tattoo, you might be disappointed with the stretched effect.

Crease Lines