The 6 Worst Places for Tattoos According to Tattoo Artists ...


The 6 Worst Places for Tattoos According to Tattoo Artists ...
The 6 Worst Places for Tattoos According to Tattoo Artists ...

I’ll start by saying that tattoos are a really personal thing, individual to each different person and filled with various meanings. I’ll finish by saying that no matter how personal your tattoo idea is, there’s no doubting that there are good places to get it and bad places to get it! How about taking some advice from professionals before making a decision that is permanent? Here are the six worst places for tattoos according to tattoo artists.

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It’s no surprise that when you get pregnant, your stomach takes a bit of a beating! There’s nothing wrong with that, childbirth is a beautiful thing, but in terms of paying a lot of money for a detailed tattoo, you might be disappointed with the stretched effect.


Crease Lines

Anywhere on your body that has excessive crease lines isn’t ideal for tattoos. Things like wrists, armpits, and joints can cause the tattoo to crack in the healing process, and can cause line damage.


Crease lines are particularly susceptible to distortion as your body moves and flexes. The constant folding of the skin can lead to tattoos that blur or spread over time. Aesthetically, tattoos are meant to complement the body's natural lines, but in these high-motion areas, they often end up looking warped. Artists caution against inking these regions not only because of potential aesthetic issues but also due to the increased likelihood of experiencing more pain during tattooing and a more prolonged and complicated healing process.



To be honest, your fingers are so small in area than any tiny tattoo you get on them will be faded and fuzzy in a matter of years. Even the most talented and light-handed tattoo artists aren’t comfortable tattooing fingers.



Foot tattoos are the most notorious for fading over time because of the excessive sock and shoe wearing. It’s not a huge deal to get them topped up every now and then, but it’s something to think about if you want to keep paying for the same tattoo over and over again.


Beyond just fading, foot tattoos also contend with the natural exfoliation that your feet undergo. This area tends to shed skin more quickly due to the constant pressure and friction from walking. Tattoos here may also warp over time, conforming to foot changes like swelling or weight fluctuations. Moreover, the healing process can be a bit tricky, given the foot’s exposure to bacteria and the difficulty in keeping it adequately covered and clean. It's a beautiful spot for delicate designs for sure, but expect touch-ups to be a regular part of your tattoo maintenance routine.


Rubbing Areas

Any area that is prone to rubbing against your clothing is never going to be an ideal spot for the healing process. I’m talking inner thighs, armpits, and bra strap shoulder areas. Not only will the healing be awkward, but the risk of fading is also higher.


Moreover, with constant friction, there's also an elevated chance of infection, which is the last thing you want on a fresh tat. Think irritations, rashes, or worse, extended healing times that could impact your day-to-day comfort. And if you're someone who’s active or regularly participates in sports, these areas might be particularly troublesome. Remember, a tattoo is not just about aesthetics, it's also about ensuring it can heal properly to maintain its beauty and your health. Opt for a less problematic spot to avoid these issues and ensure your new ink remains as vibrant and intricate as the day you got it.


Inner Ear

The inside of your ear really doesn’t hold ink very well, so something that might look cool immediately after will be very likely to blue quickly. Not to mention the crazy pain!

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