7 People You Should Never Drunk Text ...


7 People You Should Never Drunk Text ...
7 People You Should Never Drunk Text ...

If there are two things that never go well together, alcohol and cell phones are certainly it! When you have had one too many and your phone is in sight, the temptation to pick that sucker up and fire off a few drunk texts is nearly always too much to resist. If you are just shouting off to the group chat with your besties, then no harm done, but we all know that there are contacts in your list that pose a much bigger risk! Here are seven people you should never drunk text.

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Your Ex

This goes without saying! Whether you miss him or you thank god for his absence every day, there is never any good to be done by texting your ex! Stay away from sloppy ‘I miss you’ and most definitely stay away from unnecessary ‘rot in hell’ texts.


Your Crush

You are only ever going to put across a bad impression with drunk texting, no matter how eloquent and important you think you are being. You certainly don’t want your current love interest to have to witness your sloppiness!


Your Colleagues

Even if you feel like you have a nice big work family, there is only so much that your work friends want to know when you are blasted and keyboard happy! You don’t want to risk saying anything via text that you regret on Monday morning.


Your Parents

No matter how cool you think they are, they are still your parents! Let them keep the angelic view that they have of you right now, they don’t need to be introduced to your drunk side over a few sloppy text messages!


Your Boss

If you shouldn’t drunk text your colleagues, then you certainly shouldn’t drunk text your boss! You might think you are being funny, but if they don’t see it that way, your career could be on the line.


Your Frenemies

You can’t tell how subtle you are being when you are drunk, so it is best to stay away from those people you know who are always on the border of falling out with you. A drunk text row is definitely the thing that will push the relationship over the edge!


Your Distant Relatives

If they only ever see you are weddings and Christmases, then they certainly don’t need to know about the intimate details of a wild drunken night that you are currently in the process of having!

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