The Real Reasons Why Dreary Weather ☁ Gets You down ...

You know rainy☔, snowy and otherwise gray, dreary weather gets you down but you may not know why. These’re 7 reasons you don’t feel quite as happy when skies are gray. You’ll probably find you relate to a lot of these. You may even have a lot of “oh yeah!” moments as you read!

1. You Don’t Want to Greet the Day

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Dreary weather makes you want to stay in your nice warm bed. 🏨 It’s hard to greet the day when you know it’s going to be filled with dark skies. Rainy days are notorious for making people sleepy. Instead of greeting the day you just want to stay buried under your nice warm covers. It’s certainly not the same as waking up to a bright blue sky.

2. It’s Hard to Get Motivated

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Have you found this to be true? You can’t get motivated when it’s dreary outside. When it’s sunny you seem to have lots more energy to tackle your to-do list. Dreary days feel like you just have to push yourself to get through the day. It’s easy to feel down😩 when you don’t have energy to get things done.

3. We’re Wired to Need Sunshine 🌞

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We’re wired to need some sunshine in our life. This affects some of us more than others. There’s actually a condition called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which basically means you suffer from depression during the months of the year when daylight is shorter and there’s less sunshine. There’re varying degrees of this condition from mild to severe. You may not have SAD but it’s an example of how the lack of sunshine can affect people.

4. We Respond to Color

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We respond to colors. Colors in our food, in our décor, in our clothing all make us feel one way or another. Sunshine makes everything look brighter and prettier. Think of how lovely it is to see the first spring flowers🌷 peeking through the ground. Dreary days are gray and bleak which brings you down.

5. It Makes You Want to Cancel Your Plans

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If it’s yucky outside then it’s so much more tempting to cancel your plans and stay in to binge on Netflix. 📺 It’s hard to get out when it’s cold, wet or gray. Sunshine energizes you and makes you want to make get out there and enjoy yourself. I’m always tempted to stay in when it’s dreary but a warm day makes me want to plan outdoor activities or head out for dinner. I’d say many of you feel the same way.

6. Clothes Aren’t as Much Fun

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Don’t write this point off yet. Let’s talk about it. Once the newness of warm sweaters and boots wears off then we begin dreaming of spring and the gorgeous little sundresses and sandals 👡we can wear. Doesn’t it feel amazing when you can finally wear shoes that show your pedicure off again? Bundling up in layers just isn’t as much fun.

7. Sunny Days Are Inspiring

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If you doubt the inspiration of sunny days then you don’t have to look any further than music to be convinced otherwise. I can’t think of any songs about how awesome dreary weather is. But there’re several songs about how lovely sunshine is. “You Are My Sunshine,” “Sunshine On My Shoulders,” and “Walking On Sunshine” are just a few that come to mind. I think sunny days inspire us all, musicians included.

These’re 7 reasons that dreary days get you down. What’re your thoughts? How do you cope with dreary weather days?

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