Keep These 7 Things in Your Car in Case of a Snow Storm ...

You never know when it's going to snow. If it happens unexpectedly, then you should have a few essential items in your car. That way, you won't end up stuck in the middle of nowhere in the freezing cold with a dying cell phone. To make sure that you stay safe, even in the cold weather, here are a few things you should always keep in your car:

1. Shovel and Ice Scraper

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Make sure you have an ice scraper with you, because if you walk outside to find ice on your windshield, you don't want to wait hours for your car to defrost them. It's easier to push that ice right off with the scraper. You should also have a shovel with you, so that you can dig yourself out of a bad situation. If you somehow drive your car into a super snowy area, and are unable to get out, then you can use that shovel to dig your tires free.

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