The 9 Best Tips in the World for Holding Conversations with Anyone, Anywhere ...


Conversational skills are essential. I mean, we can all say words, so we can all have conversations. If you’ve ever sat in an awkward conversation wishing that you knew what to say, though, you’ll know the value of being able to start and continue conversations with everyone. It’s super important. It’s the way that you get to know people, and the way that you show people who you are, and get further in life. Here are some great tips if you need a helping hand!

1. Learn to Talk with Someone

We have a horrible habit of learning to talk at people, rather than with them. Practice involving both people in the conversation. Listen to the other person, and respond to them accordingly. Tell them things when the time is right, and when the conversation calls for it, rather than lining them up in your head. Don’t spend the entire conversation waiting to talk. Remember that to be a conversation, it can’t be all about you, so you should listen as much as you talk.

Appreciate Personal Space
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