TaoTronics Space Heater is All You Need This Season ...

With temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to start looking for a new heater. Being a huge fan of TaoTronics, naturally, we looked for a heater from this brand, and sure enough, they had it!

It’s a new product they’ve just brought to the market and it’s called TaoTronics Space Heater - a small, portable, effective device that will be a lifesaver to all on colder days ahead.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this heater so special:

1. Performance

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What makes the TaoTronics space heater stand out is the incredible speed at which it starts working - It can heat up to 70°F in 3 seconds thanks to its ceramic heating elements. That’s exactly what you want when walking into a cold room. And with 65° oscillation to heat from side to side, it evenly heats up your space without wasting heat. It’s perfect for bedrooms, children’s rooms, home offices - you name it, it’s a go-to device for any space for the entire winter season!

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