7 Sure Signs You're Addicted to Social Media ...


Do you know there are signs you’re addicted to social media? The good news is that if you are addicted, there are things that you can do to deal with that. Social media is an awesome thing but it is something we also need to keep in proper perspective. Be on the lookout for signs you’re addicted to social media and if you think you might be, make some changes to help you deal with that.

1. You Check It First Thing in the Morning

One of the mildest signs you are addicted to social media is if you check it first thing in the morning. This isn’t a definite sign; for some of us, it is just a habit we enjoy while we are waking up. But if it is coupled along with some of the other signs you’re addicted to social media listed here, it may be something you need to work on. Another sign that runs right along with this one is checking it in the middle of the night. Try to break yourself from this, even if it is just for a week to give yourself some free mental space.

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