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There are some sure signs you love your job that I would like to share and that may inspire others to keep looking for that dream job. Whilst doing a little research about job satisfaction, I came across an article in the Washington Post which stated that only 13% of people worldwide actually like what they do for a living. In America, it is reported that only 30% are happy with their jobs. These are shocking statistics, as we spend around 30% of our lives working. That's a third of our lives! To be dissatisfied and unhappy with work seems such a waste and a shame. But maybe you're one of privileged few. Here are some of the signs you love your job and if you can't recognize any of these behaviors, maybe it's time to find that dream job!

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You Talk about Work

One of the signs you love your job is that you find yourself talking about work most of the time, whether it's with family or friends. You love to talk about what happened that day or that week. And not in a bad way I might add. It's not all "I hate work this" and "I hate work that". You talk about something funny that happened and how you can't wait to do something that's on the work horizon. Work is genuinely something you enjoy.


You Would Recommend It to Others

Another sign that you love what you do for a living is that you would recommend the job to people you know. You find yourself telling people how to get into your line of work and even organizing unpaid internships for members of the family or friends who want to work in your field. You may have even spoken at seminars to inspire others to work in your profession. And you're not one of the reported 55% of American workers who would like to change careers! Another sure sign that you love your job.


Annual Leave

So, you've taken some time off but as much as you love spending time with family and friends, you can't wait to get stuck back into work. And why not? If it makes you happy, don't let anyone tell you that loving your job is a bad thing or that you're a 'workaholic'. You've worked all your youth to try and find that dream job and if it makes you happy, loving it is what you deserve. Another one of the sure signs that you love what you do for a living is that you have to be reminded to book that annual leave. Why would you want to take time off, you love your job so much! But you find yourself with spare annual leave at the end of the year, which you can often carry over to the next year... which means more annual leave for you, boo hoo!


You Love Monday Mornings

Whilst some people dread Monday mornings because, well, it's Monday, you actually jump out of bed and say "Yay, it's monday. Another wonderful week at work ahead of me!" After a weekend of rest and relaxation, you feel refreshed and revived and ready to tackle another exciting week at work.


You Love Work Social Events

Another sign that you love your job or your workplace is that you're a fan of social events. You love to mix and mingle with your colleagues because they're part and parcel of what makes your job so great. Any opportunity to get your second 'family' together and celebrate life and you're there!


If You're Happy and Productive Clap Your Hands

You're so happy at work, that you're more productive, engaged and an inspiration to others. This often means promotional opportunities, as others above you can see that you're a motivated worker and ready to take on new and exciting challenges.


Time Flies

It's a cliche but time sure does fly when you're having fun! You find yourself looking at the clock and thinking "Goodness, nearly home time? Surely not". This is another one of the signs you love what you do for a living.

Are there any other signs and does anyone recognize these behaviors in themselves? Maybe you're one of the privileged 13% that love their job? I'd love to hear.

Sources: washingtonpost.com

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I love my job but i'm excited to finish up and chase a new career that i'm studying full time for.. Moving on and moving forward with things

I'm just a cashier but I have a fantastic manager and my coworkers are great too :) I can honestly say I like my job!

knew i hated my job before i read this article, after reading it confirmed it, but i am thankful to have a job at all.

I love my job too! Wish I could stay there all day! I love my coworkers too

I LOVE my job. I am a dental hygienist. I worked really hard to get where I am. I have a very generous boss and a stress free work environment. I feel very lucky.

Love this article and is true its content! I am a nurse and our job at times could be stressful, but at the same time fun! I can say I am on the 13% :)

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