7 Sure Shot Ways to Get Stuff Done ...


7 Sure Shot Ways to Get Stuff Done ...
7 Sure Shot Ways to Get Stuff Done ...

Are you looking for better ways to get stuff done? I know it seems like there is never enough time or energy in a day to tackle all those important tasks. Well here are 7 sure shot ways to get stuff done.

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Don’t Procrastinate

I know this is an obvious one, but let’s face it we all do this! Avoiding procrastination is definitely one of the most important ways to get stuff done. Maybe it’s doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, but whatever the task may be… JUST DO IT! Chances are it won’t take you as long to complete as you think it will. The next time that daunting task occurs, set a timer to see how long it actually takes to complete, and you’ll most likely be surprised. For me, I absolutely despise cleaning the kitchen but a dirty kitchen makes my job as a stay-at-home-mom very difficult. So knowing that a clean kitchen makes for a smoother day I make sure to stay on top of it throughout the day so that I’m not left with a big mess at the end of the day versus 3 short cleaning sessions after each meal. Procrastination only leads to delays, stress and more work.


Avoid Distractions

TVs and smartphones and tablets and laptops and kids…Oh my! Remove ALL distractions when it’s time to do work, and when I say "work" I mean the things that you love to do and that will make you happy and/or make you money. Nowadays there are so many demands for our attention in so many different forms of distractions that are robbing us of our precious time and focus. During your scheduled work time be sure to remove all things and people that will cause you to be distracted and negate from the task at hand. During my work hours I put my phone on airplane mode and I have recently discovered LeechBlock for my laptop. LeechBlock is a Firefox add-on that allows you to block time wasting sites (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, you know the ones that you get stuck on for hours) while you are working. With features that allow you to select up to 6 sites to block and several combinations of time periods to choose from, you are sure to stay on track. I also try to make sure to schedule my work time during my kids’ nap time or when they are having their alone time away from each other doing quiet activities.


Schedule It

Making schedules and to-do lists are great ways to get your tasks in order and completed. So first make a list of the things that you HAVE to do every day (sleep, eat, hygiene, kids, job) and a list of the things you WANT to do every day (exercise, blog, read, personal business/interest, things you enjoy doing). Now schedule those tasks into a daily calendar with specific time frames for each task. It is important to schedule work time (remember "work" means the things that make you happy and/or makes you money) during times that you are most focused and driven. For some people that time may be first thing in the morning and for others that may be during lunch. Find your peak time and use it wisely.


Get Organized

An ergonomic, clean and organized space yields more accurate and focused productivity. For example, if your home has multiple bathrooms, it’s a great idea to have a cleaning kit stocked and conveniently available in each bathroom. This allows you to keep the bathrooms tidy when you see a mess and helps you avoid having long drawn out cleaning sessions all at one time. Doing that alone has cut down my cleaning tremendously. Make each area in your home or job work for you. Implement storage systems to organize drawers, shelves and cabinets.


Rise and Shine

Waking up early is very important to me; it allows me to have a moment to myself while everyone else in the house are still sleeping. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day because I can meditate, make plans for the day, exercise and just have a moment when nobody needs me for something. Even if you don’t have kids and/or a spouse, waking up early allow you to take your time to get ready for you day and that will have you smooth sailing the rest of the day.


Rest and Relaxation

It is important to schedule time to just relax. It’s also important to go to bed early, especially if you are going to wake up early for you me time. Let’s be honest, how productive are you really at midnight? Chances are, not so much especially after a long day of thinking and doing. So shut down and get in bed. Rest your mind, body and soul so that tomorrow you can tackle your tasks refreshed. Remember that daily schedule you made and pencil in a bed time.


Delegate or Delete

This one can be a bit difficult to do, especially if you have a hard time letting go of some responsibility or if you don’t have any reliable sources to delegate to. My husband tells me all the time that some of the things I do are just unnecessary. So, think about some of the things you do regularly and decide are they really necessary tasks. Is it really that important to fold all the towels perfectly symmetrical and line them up in the same direction inside of the linen closet (where nobody is going to see them)? Probably not, there are more important things that could use your attention, not to say that neatly folded and stacked towels is a bad thing, but if it doesn’t directly affect your day-to-day tasks don’t stress over it. As for those things that do matter like, taking out the recycling or washing the car, delegate those things to others in the house or hire someone to tackle those thing that you just can’t get to.

So there you have it. 7 ways to help you get stuff done. Do you implement any of these tips currently? Which of these tips will you start using? Happy doing!

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Love this!!!


Aw man I procrastinate too much

im learning

Procrastination is probably the one that gets the most of us...

I'll start doing all of these... Tomorrow.

I procrastinate. All the time. Definitely my worst habit...

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