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7 Quick Workday Tweaks to Instantly Improve Your Day ...

By Kati

Ever wished that you could improve your day, just like that? It turns out that you may be able to do just that. According to studies, a lot of our unhappiness can be thwarted by making just a few simple changes to our work days – and I really mean simple. With so many tests pointing to the same conclusion, this really isn’t something that you should ignore! So how can you improve your day right from the start? Check this out.

1 Start as You Mean to Go on

The best way to improve your day is to start well, and keep it going. It’s easier to achieve and maintain a positive attitude than it is to turn a frown upside down, so start each day with something positive. Do something that makes you feel good. A ‘feel good’ playlist on your commute, an inspirational book – you get the idea. Start as you mean to go on. That means start happy, people.

2 Make the Connection

Motivate yourself to work hard by remembering why you are there. I don’t mean thinking about that pile of bills, either. Do you support a family? Do you like to make a difference? Are you passionate about the cause? Do you want to help customers? Link your job to your life goals, and you’ll feel a lot more motivated. Whenever you feel that motivation wane and the sadness creeping in, remind yourself that today is a chance to accomplish a part of that greater challenge.


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3 Smile

Yes, you’ve heard this one before. Smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Smile even if inside you are absolutely raging, and smiling is the last thing on earth that you could ever feel like doing. Even forced smiles genuinely reduce stress and make you feel relaxed and happier, which is exactly what you need if you can’t smile naturally. If you’re not smiling naturally, practice your best fake grin. Just try not to be too scary.

4 Be Positive

What did you say when you were last asked how you are, or how you’re doing? Chances are, you said you’re doing okay, or managing – most people go for a neutral or negative answer. It’s far better to go for something positive, though. That way, you build yourself up for success, rather than beating yourself down for failure. Practice saying that you’re good, and that you’re doing well. It might feel fake at first, but like that fake smile, you’ll soon settle into it.

5 Prioritise

Make sure you know what the most important parts of your job is. You’ve probably already been told that 20% of your activities produce around 80% of your results, so you’ll know how important knowing what that 20% comprises of is. If you don’t, though, it’s time to learn. Start with the important stuff, and you’ll get more done, and achieve better results.

6 Wind down

Give yourself time to catch your breath and recharge your batteries. It simply isn’t possible to be switched on all the time. The brain needs to recover, and the body needs to relax. Give yourself time to do that, and you’ll perform much better. Failing to take time to stop thinking about work will almost guarantee a work ‘hangover’, lasting long into the next day.

7 Be Grateful

Another great way to improve your day is to remind yourself what you have to be grateful for. At the end of the day, use a notebook, tablet or computer to note down what you can be proud of, and what you are grateful for. You’ll feel accomplished and proud, and sleep a lot better. Trust me, it really works.

Of course, everyone has a really terrible day every now and again, and sometimes there is just nothing you can do to improve your day. If you use these tips, though, you’ll always start from a positive place. You’ll be much more able to cope with crises, and stand a better chance of being able to improve your day and get back on track. Do you have any great tips on how to improve your day? I’d love to hear them!

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